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Tall Pony - I'm Your Boyfriend Now

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 6 / 6 / 2007

Tall Pony - I'm Your Boyfriend Now
Label: Cherryade Records
Format: CDS


80's influenced sophen-word electro pop from chauvinistic duo, Tall Pony

Establishment of a medieval-style worldwide caliphate? Sharia law imposed without mercy? Gays, lesbians and infidels ground into hamburger meat? ‘Interesting’ take on good old-fashioned values, Osama bin Laden, but Tall Pony just went one better. After all, who ever thought anyone would call for the re-establishment of man’s inalienable right to be a sofa-bound, perma-grumpy, chauvinistic oaf? (Er, apart from other men, perhaps?) Probably written in the pub by Paul and Tony (Tall Pony, geddit?) in a fit of pique after having to do the washing up, this spoken-word bloke manifesto sounds as if it was recorded in a bedroom on a cheap, hauled-out-of-the-attic 80's synthesiser. It is, quite definitely, a work of sinister genius. Worryingly though, certain deranged men’s lib types (consult Mr Google, there’s plenty of them out there) will probably regard it as a call to arms and shackle the missus to the stove the minute they get home. Best sweep the house for padlocks just in case, ladies.

Track Listing:-
1 I'm Your Boyfriend Now
2 Big Guns
3 I Hate Your Family

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