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Mint Records


Carolyn Mark (2005)

Just Married: An Album Of Duets
Impressively broad duets album from Canadian singer-songwriter Carolyn Mark, which finds her sharing vocals with a wide range of local stars, and which will appeal "to anyone who's a fan of undeground country"

Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle (2009)

Let's Just Stay here
Ultimately optimistic folk pop on highly impressive concept album from Canadian singer-songwriters, Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle

Fanshaw (2010)

Dark Eyes
Long-awaited, but perfectly-crafted debut album from Fanshaw, the project of Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, Olivia Fetherstonhaugh

Gay (2004)

You Know The Rules
Catchy harmony-laden pop from Vancouver supergroup the Gay, which draws comparisions with Fleetwood Mac and Heart

Hot Panda (2009)

Volcano...Bloody Volcano !
Witty and durable psychedelic and country-influenced Britpop on debut album from Edmonton, Alberta-based group, Hot Panda

Hot Panda (2010)

How Come I'm Dead?
Chaotic and confusing second album from foul-mouthed, but versatile Canadian band, Hot Panda, which is spoilt by its own lack of restraint

Immaculate Machine (2007)

Immaculate Machine's Fables
Impressive indie rock on new album from Canadian band Immaculate Machine, whose frontwoman Kathryn Calder also plays in the New Pornographers

Immaculate Machine (2006)

Ones And Zeros
Literate new-wave influenced pop on debut album from Victoria, British Columbia-based trio Immaculate Machine, whose singer Kathryn Calder has also toured with the New Pornographers

Kellarissa (2009)

Multi-lingual synthesiser pop on impressive debut album from Kellarissa, the project of Canadian musician Larissa Loyva

Novillero (2005)

Aim Right For The Holes In Their Lives
Quality indie guitar pop on second album from Canadian act Novillero, which curiously recalls the British C86 era of music

Novillero (2009)

A Little Tradition
Pleasingly eclectic third album from decade-old Canadian band Novillero, who could yet make waves overseas

Pack A.D. (2008)

Funeral Mixtape
Exuberant blues punk on riveting second album from Vancouver-based female duo, the Pack A.D.

Pack A.D. (2010)

We Kill Computers
Immaculate sounding psycho-blues on third album from primitive and back-to-basics Vancouver-based girl duo, the Pack A.D.

Pack A.D. (2010)

Thrilling and raunchy garage blues debut album from Vancouver-based girl duo, the Pack 4.A.D.

Ramblin Ambassadors (2004)

Enjoyable Dick Dale-Link Wray influenced instro-surf which combines oriiginal tunes with Ennio Morricone, the Sid Presley Experience and Shadowy Men From a Shadowy Planet covers

Ramblin' Ambassadors (2008)

Vista Cruiser Country Squire
Highly appealing second album from sole survivors of the surf revival, Calgary-based quartet, the Ramblin' Ambassadors

Young And Sexy (2008)

The Arc
Occasionally misjudged harmonic indie pop on foruth album from Canadian group Young and Sexy, which still though should be satisfying to fans of bands like Field Music, Belle & Sebastien and the Clientele

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