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Pack A.D. - Funeral Mixtape

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 2 / 9 / 2008

Pack A.D. - Funeral Mixtape
Label: Mint Records
Format: CD


Exuberant blues punk on riveting second album from Vancouver-based female duo, the Pack A.D.

Yes, you need a business studies degree to find a USP in blues-garage-punk these days. And yes, Pack AD tick all the ‘Another stripped-down fuzzed-up duo with a oversized Leadbelly collection? Yawn… FASCINATING’ boxes. But damn, these songs are good. Musically it’s all pretty much the harsh, anguished White Keys/Black Stripes schtick you know and love; ‘Blackout’ is a primal blues scream that sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom and stings like a faceful of battery acid, ‘Shiny Things’ marries eerie slide guitar with crunching Zeppelin power chords, and ‘Worried’ is your typical straight-from-the-bottom-of-an-empty-JD-bottle bar room lament. But Becky Black’s heart-rending voice is clearly the result of some midnight voodoo-hoodoo undertaken on Janis Joplin’s grave; the album swaggers like the Detroit Cobras never happened, and, most probably, you’ll be humming every single song on it right up until the day of your own funeral. Better write out the track listing for the vicar.

Track Listing:-
1 Blackout
2 Don't Have to Like You
3 Making Gestures
4 Shiny Things
5 Oh Be Joyful
6 Underground
7 June
8 Dannemora Blues
9 Build
10 Wolves and Werewolves
11 Worried

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