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Pack A.D.


Interview (2010)

Pack A.D. - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to Becky Black from Vancouver-based female guitar/drums duo the Pack A.D. about their just released album, 'We Kill Computers' and the benefits of playing as a two-piece


Do Not Engage (2014)

Passionate and powerful fifth album from Canadian garage rock duo, the Pack A.D.

We Kill Computers (2010)

Immaculate sounding psycho-blues on third album from primitive and back-to-basics Vancouver-based girl duo, the Pack A.D.

Tintype (2010)

Thrilling and raunchy garage blues debut album from Vancouver-based girl duo, the Pack 4.A.D.

Funeral Mixtape (2008)

Exuberant blues punk on riveting second album from Vancouver-based female duo, the Pack A.D.

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