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Acid Jazz


Broken Vinyl Club (2011)

One Way Street
Ballsy, yet formulaic debut single from Welsh power pop the Broken Vinyl Club

Broken Vinyl Club (2011)

The Broken Vinyl Club
Polished 1960's-influenced pop on witty debut album from Welsh act, the Broken Vinyl Club

Detroit City Council (2003)

Party Planet Rising
Promising funky guitar rock on debut single from new Michigan-based project, which includes an unusual cover version of the Electric Six's 'Gay Bar'

Janice Graham Band (2011)

Hard-hitting ska-influenced rock on debut single from young Manchester-based group Janice Graham band, who seem potential contenders for major success

Janice Graham Band (2012)

No Money Honey
Instantly catchy second single from ska-influenced Manchester group Janice Graham Band, who, while drawing comparisons with the Arctic Monkeys and the Specials, have a distinctive sound of their own

Janice Graham Band (2012)

Excellent latest single from uncompromising Manchester-based ska-influenced act, Janice Graham Band

Red Inspectors (2012)

Are We the Red Inspectors? Are We?
Fine debut album from London-based band the Red Inspectors whose influences include 60's film soundtracks, funk, lounge and electronica

Twisted Tongue (2011)

A Return to Space
Clever and innovative funk on second album from Twisted Tongue, the project of production duo Dave Jay and Mark Dalton, which seems destined to be one of the records of the forthcoming summer

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