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Broken Vinyl Club - The Broken Vinyl Club

  by Andrew Carver

published: 27 / 11 / 2011

Broken Vinyl Club - The Broken Vinyl Club
Label: Acid Jazz
Format: CD


Polished 1960's-influenced pop on witty debut album from Welsh act, the Broken Vinyl Club

With their jabbing chords and la-la-la choruses, there’s no mistaking te Broken Vinyl Club's 1960s inspiration, and the Welsh quartet is happy to cite such luminaries as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Pretty Things and the Monkees in their pedigree, though there also seems to be a fair bit of 1990s Britpop filtering going on as well. Their paeans to girls who turn them on opener ‘Every Inch’ (and later on songs such as ‘I Want You Girl’) and protestations of fidelity regardless of weather on ‘She Just Keeps Me Waiting’ would snuggle quite easily on a Merseybeat album. The 12 tracks on ‘The Broken Vinyl Club’ seem nicely polished - not too much, though - and have something of the snarl and thump of such fellow travellers as Baby Woodrose, the Embrooks and the Singles. The band is not without wit, as can be heard on the cheeky lyrical reference to the Beatles “Love, love me don’t” and “Leave, leave me do” on ‘One Way Street’. The jangling harmonies of ‘All in Your Head’ may also remind some of the Hollies and similar acts, as well as a more modern group such as the La’s. While the band studiously avoids doing anything new, they do it well - particularly the vocal harmonies. Fans of forwarding-thinking 1960s revivalists should give their debut a listen.

Track Listing:-
1 Every Inch
2 She Just Keeps Me Waiting
3 All In Your Head
4 Hiding From The Truth
5 One Way Street
6 She's Tired
7 I Want You Girl
8 Horror Show
9 In My Mind
10 You Help Me
11 Spin Around
12 Brave Capatain

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One Way Street (2011)
Ballsy, yet formulaic debut single from Welsh power pop the Broken Vinyl Club

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