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Broken Vinyl Club - One Way Street

  by Andy Cassidy

published: 11 / 10 / 2011

Broken Vinyl Club - One Way Street
Label: Acid Jazz
Format: 7"


Ballsy, yet formulaic debut single from Welsh power pop the Broken Vinyl Club

The Broken Vinyl Club’s first single, 'One Way Street', is 3½ minutes of pure 60's power pop. Bursting from the speakers, it’s part Kinks, part Them, part Animals, and part Oasis swagger. This is a ballsy debut from a band who have listened to and learned well from their heroes and crafted their own interpretation of the classic sound of the British Invasion. The B-side, 'Day Too Long', is, in my opinion, a stronger song than 'One Way Street', and it trumps the A-side musically, but perhaps not in attitude. 'Day Too Long' betrays some more recent influences – power-pop outfits like the Rembrandts or the Gigolo Aunts perhaps. Both songs are excellent, and I could listen to them over and over again, but neither is in any way original. It’s been nearly fifty years now since the sixties icons dominated the charts, and while one might argue as to the relative quality of today’s chart fodder, there can be no doubt that music has moved on. Do we really need another Oasis or Ocean Colour Scene? I personally do not think so. The Broken Vinyl Club are obviously a talented group – I would like to see them attempt some more contemporary material instead of aping the icons of yesteryear.

Track Listing:-
1 One Way Street
2 Day Too Long

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The Broken Vinyl Club (2011)
Polished 1960's-influenced pop on witty debut album from Welsh act, the Broken Vinyl Club

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