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Ash (2007)

Twilight of the Innocents
Love-fixated, well-crafted new album from anthemic rockers Ash

Black Motorcycle Rebel Club (2003)

Stunning new single from the Black Motorcycle Rebel Club, which proves to be one of the Singles of the Year and possibly every other year

David Kitt (2003)

Square 1
Homely, but totally engaging third album from Irishman David Kitt, now making waves on both sides of the Irish Sea

Hot Hot Heat (2005)

Appealing, but ultimately unfulfilling indie dance rock on second album from the once touted Hot Hot Heat

REM (2003)

Bad Day
Mildly disppointing new single from REM, taken from their hits singles album, 'In Time'

REM (2004)

Around The Sun
Strong latest album from REM, their third as a three piece since the departure of original drummer Bill Berry

REM (2008)

Fantastic latest album from REM,which finds them returning to their 80's and classic Rickenbackers-influenced sound

Walkmen (2004)

Bows And Arrows
Perplexing, but excellent indie pop on second album from the Walkmen, which without demanding attention manages to get it anyway

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