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Too Pure


Alex Dingley (2013)

Cats Eyes
Run-of-the-mill indie pop, rescued by its catchy B-side, on vinyl only single from Welsh singer-songwriter, Alex Dingley

Bows (2002)

Second album from drum 'n' bass act the Bows which takes "elements of trip-hop, dream-pop, and drum'n'bass and fuses them together perfectly" to create a sound which is reminiscent of both MBV and Roni Size

Cowbell (2010)

Never Satisfied
Heavily 60's and mod-influenced vinyl only single from garage rock duo, Cowbell

Die! Die! Die!/Friendship (2010)

We Build Our Own Oppressors/Lifeguard
Latest split vinyl only release from the Too Pure Singles Club which, featuring New Zealand act Die! Die! Die! and London-based band Friendship, reveals itself to be a record of two divisive halves

Future of the Left (2007)

Fingers Become Thumbs / The Lord Hates a Coward
Politically infused debut single from new hardcore act Future of the Left, who were formed out of the ashes of highly touted Welsh rockers Jarcrew and McLusky

Hefner (2001)

Boxing Hefner
As far as I can tell, Hefner has a pretty healthy buzz in the UK, which is why I feel a little self-conscious writing this review. See, I live in the US, and, while I'm sure there are pockets of folks

Hefner (2001)

We Love The City
Here is the new album from London group Hefner which follows two highly acclaimed previous albums ('Breaking God's Heart' and 'The Fidelity Wars') and a tidying up compilation 'Boxing Hefner', which

Hefner (2001)

Good Fruit
This is the new single from London's 3 piece Hefner. Favourites on the John Peel radio show, they have released two albums proper-"Breaking God's Heart" and "The Fidelity Wars" along with a compilatio

Milk Milk White Teeth (2010)

Ingrid Won't Smile
Summery indie pop on vinyl only debut single from Leeds-based eight piece Milk Milk White Teeth, the latest in the Too Pure's singles club series

Monade (2008)

Monstre Cosmic
Enjoyable and engaging experimental pop on third album from Monade, the other band of Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier, which she sings upon in both French and English

Rothko (2002)

Continual Search For Orgins
Evocative and rewarding sixth album and first release on the Too Pure label from London-based band, Rothko, which takes its inspiration from a trip its leader, Mark Beazley, made to Switzerland last year

Seize the Chair (2011)

You Who/It Happens Periodically
Complex-sounding, but fabulous pop on debut single from Sheffield-based band, Seize the Chair

Skeletons and the Empty Pockets (2009)

Oh Brother, Oh Sister
Energetic debut single released on the Too Pure Singles Club from Sheffield-based five piece Skeletons and the Empty Pockets, who have risen from the ashes of much acclaimed metal act ThisGirl

Step-Panther (2012)

Unpolished, but impressive 7” vinyl single from Sydney-based punk trio, Step-Panther

Three Trapped Tigers (2009)

Ferocious maths rock from London-based group, Three Trapped Tigers, the fifth in their recently revived Too Pure label's new singles club

Vivians (2009)

Just Two Girls
Plain-sounding anthemic rock from Edinburgh would-be punks, the Vivians

We are Animal (2010)

Infectious debut single with classic rock sound from young Welsh indie rockers, We are Animal


Interview with Jason White (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Jason White

First established in 1989, Too Pure, which includes Hefner, Rothko and M cCluskey on its roster, is one of Britain's leading independent labels . Olga Sladeckova speaks to label manager boss about recent changes at Too Pure and his plans for its future



Interview Rothko - Interview

Experimental London art rockers Rothko have put out records on various labels but now have a regular deal with Too Pure. Frontman and bassist Mark Beazley talks to Olga Sladeckova about the group's new album 'Continual Search for Origins'

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