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Ben Calvert (2004)

Leafy Underground
"Classy" jazzy/folk rock on first album from Birmingham-based singer-songwriter Ben Calvert, which has songs that prove to be "as strong as those on Nick Drake’s debut"

Crazyface (2002)

Debut rlease from new pop punk band with "distinct but catchy sound"

Dreams Of Tall Buildings (2004)

Live At Cbso Centre 2001
"Gorgeous" abstract rock and live recording from Birmingham-based collective, which comes in especially beautiful and attractive packaging

Inch Blue (2004)

Walking Backwards
Nostalgia-friendly Bunnymen and Chameleons-inspired EP from London-based four piece Inch Blue, which sadly brings little new to the field

Inch Blue / Workhouse (2004)

I'm A Dead Leaf Waiting To Fall / Aberdeen
Split 7" single on the Bearos label from the Workhouse and Inch Blue, both of whom are joined together by a love of great groups from the past

James Summerfield (2004)

hailah, hailah
Bluegrass-inspired debut album from Birmingham's James Summerfield, which proves to be "an honest and very welcome easy-on-the ears addition to UK’s singer-songwriter section"

Papa November (2003)

From The Start Line
Schizophrenic cult rock from Midlands duo, Papa November, which balances experimental hip-hop dance beats against more self-conscious art pieces

Regulars (2004)

Excellent compilation from obscure and now defunct Birmingham-based C86 group the Regulars, limited to just 100 copies

Souvaris (2005)

I Felt Nothing At All
Difficult, but highly rewarding debut album from Nottingham 6 piece instrumental post rock group, Souvaris

Toques (2003)

Too Tired To Worry / Journeys End
"Sassy and energetic" harmony-driven country pop from long-serving Birmingham group, the Toques

Various (2003)

Ladyfest Uk 2003
Eclectic charity compilation, which "showcases several of the best female-led acts on the current alternative music scene"

Workhouse (2003)

The End Of The Pier
Largely instrumental classic and timeless ambient rock on debut album from the Workhouse, which has been three years in the making

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