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Inch Blue - Walking Backwards

  by Denzil Watson

published: 18 / 11 / 2004

Inch Blue - Walking Backwards
Label: Bearos
Format: CDS


Nostalgia-friendly Bunnymen and Chameleons-inspired EP from London-based four piece Inch Blue, which sadly brings little new to the field

"Tomorrow remember yesterday"goes the mantra-like lyric of the Chameleons 'Nostalgia'. A sentiment most definitely not lost on London-based four piece Inch Blue. This is their first single for Birmingham based indie label Bearos and all of a sudden it's 1985 all over again. Lead track 'Walking Backwards' is a dead ringer for Echo and Bunnymen with its creeping bass lines and Will Sergeant-esque chopping guitar chords. Lead singer Stuart Kemsley also does a fairly mean line in McCulloch/Julian Cope styled vocals too. All of which should, in theory, add up to winning formula. And while 'Walking Backwards' is drenched in some great guitar soundscapes, on this showing at least, Inch Blue appear to lack the edge of early U2 and, more importantly, the song craft of influences such as the Bunnymen. A case of if you are going to plough the nostalgic furrow you need to bring something new to the field. A bit like British Sea Power have done. Seeing how Inch Blue measure-up against aforementioned musical luminaries on the basis of one single, however, is perhaps a tad unfair. There's the EP's saving graces: the atmospheric dust covered piano piece 'Under the Tree Tomorrow' and the absolutely fantastic cover pictures of a beached ship taken by the multi-talented Stuart Kemsley. A man after my own heart.

Track Listing:-
1 Walking Backwards (Where The Sky Meets The Sea)
2 What The Years Have Left Behind
3 Under The Tomorrow Tree
4 Walking Backwards (Full Version)

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