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Regulars - Effortless

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 12 / 5 / 2004

Regulars - Effortless
Label: Bearos
Format: CD


Excellent compilation from obscure and now defunct Birmingham-based C86 group the Regulars, limited to just 100 copies

Calling yourselves the Regulars sets you up for a whole host of toilet gags and calling your debut and only LP 'Effortless' can leave you wide open to criticism for being arrogant, but I’ll resist the temptation on both counts this time. Why? Well simply because 'Effortless' is pretty good stuff. Admittedly, it isn’t the groundbreaking album I’d always dreamed about, nor will it cure the world of its ills or even provide the catalyst for Bury to climb the footballing ladder and win the Premiership, but on a sunny day I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face and even get your toes a tapping. From the accompanying sleeve notes, I glean that the LP collects all the band's best bits onto one handy 17-tracker from their creation in 1996 to their demise in 2002. It also seems that some of the songs have been released as singles in the past, but the chances of finding them now would be pretty slim. The songs all have a C86 feel to them, with some of the better ones ('Try', 'This Is The Sound' and 'Lincolnshire Skies') very reminiscent of Yeovil jangle stars the Chesterfields and the weaker ones, such as 'University Of Rain', a bit Mousefolky. The highlight is 'It Isn’t Him', a poptastic little fella that begins life sounding like an early version of Keane’s 'Somewhere Only We Know', before morphing into classic Smokin’ Popes (an American Band form the 90’s who once supported Morrissey). There is much to enjoy elsewhere on the CD too; Shelley Merchant taking lead vocals and making a decent job of 'Saturday Song' is mighty fine and 'Into your Bloodstream' also demands attention. The poor quality photocopied sleeve and tacky little plastic bag holder add to the charm, as does the testimony from some twee sounding indie-chick in the sleeve notes confirming how fab the band were. The bad news is that the CD is limited to only 100 copies, so if you take into account that I’ve got one and probably all the band members have one too, there won’t be that many still knocking around, so buy it soon or miss out. Mark my words in years to come 'Effortless' will become one of those semi-mythical records that no one actually knows whether or not it ever existed……..shall we start the bidding at £100?

Track Listing:-
1 This Is The Sound
2 October We Take It Back
3 From A Dark Room
4 Try
5 University Of Rain
6 Saturday Song
7 Slow 25
8 It Isn't Him
9 Pop Box 9:30
10 Into Your Bloodstream
11 North Star (Instrumental)
12 35 Hours
13 Lincolnshire Skies
14 Yesterday's Birthday Girl
15 Smart Dress Only (Live)
16 Lie Down And Fight (Live Acoustic)
17 Today At Last

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