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Papa November - From The Start Line

  by Jon Rogers

published: 14 / 6 / 2003

Papa November - From The Start Line
Label: Bearos
Format: CD


Schizophrenic cult rock from Midlands duo, Papa November, which balances experimental hip-hop dance beats against more self-conscious art pieces

Dance music can all too often be simply that: music to dance to. As long as the rhythm moves those two feet of yours then that’s all that is needed. The desire to analyse and ponder is missing. The reaction comes in bodily movements. While the Midlands duo of Papa November know the importance of this, they also aren’t adverse to making a bit of Art too. As such the album by singer Katy Acquaye-Tonge and Stuart Tonge is something of a schizophrenic affair that on one hand mixes atmospheric, experimental hip-hop beats and hazy vocals that sway the body. ‘Slow Motion’ gently bobs along while ‘Small Room’ cruises along the autobahn as if Ultramarine had hitched a ride with Kraftwerk. Then there are the more self-conscious Art (definitely with a capital A) pieces like ‘Crusade,’ ‘Walking’ and ‘Gardens of America’. While it might not be impossible to dance to these Papa November certainly don’t make it easy for you. Here they create mellifluous chunks of sound to be slowly digested. Papa November aren’t afraid either to be arty. Recently they played at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham where they performed a work in response to Belgium artist Ann Veronica Janssens’ light installations and sculptures. They’ve also created pieces for dance companies. “From the Start Line” though is at its best when it moves the body more than the mind, but loses sight of neither. Effectively it’s the balance between the eternal struggle between the Apollian and the Dionysian. The danger though, to some extent, is that while the public at large may go to visit a modern art gallery they may not actually want it hanging over their mantelpiece at home. Papa November could be destined solely for cult appreciation.

Track Listing:-
1 Still Reaching
2 Small Room
3 Crusade
4 Slow Motion
5 Walking
6 Lost Time
7 Soul Star
8 Mellow
9 Taking Me Apart
10 Gardens Of America
11 Peoples Minds

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