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Anni Rossi (2008)

Dynamic, frequently surprising debut mini album from the Chicago-based Anni Rossi, who stands out in the current pack of young singer-songwriters

Anni Rossi (2009)

Promising, but sometimes atonal debut album, recorded in one day, from 23 year old American singer-songwriter and viola player, Anni Rossi

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti (2010)

Round and Round
Floaty and ramshackle-sounding psychedelia on new vinyl only single from Los Angeles-based musician Ariel Pink, ruined by its revolting front cover

Atlas Sound (2008)

Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
Confusing and seemingly incoherent, but ultimately compelling combination of lo-fi rock and electronica from Atlas Sound, the solo project of Bradford James Cox, who is Deerhunter's lead singer

Beirut (2007)

The Flying Club Cup
Superbly melodic and optimistic second album from Beirut, the project of young American singer-songwriter Zach Condon

Big Pink (2009)

Fashionable combuination of dance and indie on third 4AD single from British-based electronic duo, the Big Pink, whose debut album is due out in October

Big Pink (2009)

A Brief History of Love
Stylish, but unsasisfactory debut album from much hyped electronic duo and recent 4AD signing, the Big Pink

Big Pink (2009)

Stop the World
Fabulous dance-driven latest single from British-based electronic duo, the Big Pink

Blonde Redhead (2010)

Penny Sparkle
Understated and dreamy-sounding ninth album from New York rockers Blonde Redhead which finds them moving away from guitars and experimenting predominantly with synthesisers

Bon Iver (2011)

Bon Iver
Flavourless second album from the much acclaimed Bon Iver, the project of elusive Wisconsin musician Justin Venon

Bon Ivor (2008)

For Emma, Forever Ago
Surprisingly muscular-sounding acoustic folk rock on debut album from Bon Ivor, the project of Justin Vernon, recorded solo in the Wisconsin woods in a hunting cabin

Breeders (2002)

Title TK
"Highly personal and contemplative" and umcompromisingly "real" third album, and first new record in nine years, from former Pixies star Kim Deal's the Breeders

Breeders (2008)

Mountain Battles
Often sluggish-sounding first album in seven years from the Pixies' Kim Deal's other band, the Breeders

Broken Records (2009)

Until the Earth Begins to Part
Dynamically tense and magnificent debut album from imaginative Edinburgh-based indie electric folk seven-piece, Broken Records

Camera Obscura (2009)

My Maudlin Career
Melancholic-lyriced, but summery-sounding fourth album from Glasgow-based indie pop act, Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura (2009)

French Navy
Excellent 60's soul-influenced indiepop on latest single from Glaswegian group, Camera Obscura

Celebration (2007)

The Modern Tribe
Sophisticated and adventurous pop on second album from Baltimore trio Celebration whose singer Katherine Ford's vocals conjures up memories of Siouxsie during her 'Rapture' era

Colourbox (2017)

Music of the Band (1982-1987)
Extraordinary double vinyl retrospective from pioneering 80's experimental band Colourbox which has been compiled by artist Wolfgang Tillmans and released to coincide with his first major exhibition at the Tate Modern in London

Daughter (2013)

If You Leave
Stunning debut album from London-based three-piece Daughter, whose sound is both minimal and expansive at the same time

Deerhunter (2009)

Rainwater Cassette Exchange
Dynamic and ethereal latest EP from prolific Atlanta-based lo-fi band Deerhunter

Department Of Eagles (2008)

In Ear Park
Appealing, polished second album from American duo Department of Eagles, which while mish-mashing together music from the 1970's pleasingly, doesn't have quite the same appeal as their more lo-fi debut

Efterklang (2010)

Magic Chairs
Beautifully crafted and compelling third album from Danish indie pop rock outfit, Efterklang

Efterklang (2010)

Gentle but compelling indie pop on third single from their third album for Danish band, Efterklang

Emma Pollock (2007)

Promising debut single from former Delgados front woman, Emma Pollock, who has an album out later in the year

Emma Pollock (2007)

Watch the Fireworks
Superb debut solo album from former Delgadoes frontwoman, Emma Pollock

Emma Pollock (2007)

Paper and Glue
Latest single from former Delgados front woman Emma Pollock and the outstanding track from her debut solo album, 'Watch the Fireworks'

Emma Pollock (2007)

Acid Test
Dramatic second solo single from former Delgados star Emma Pollock

Future of the Left (2009)

Travels with Myself and Another
Fantastically exciting and uncompromising, but also unsettling second album from Cardiff-based trio Future of the Left, which was formed out of the ashes of the equally deranged Mclusky

Inc (2013)

No World
Minimalist, but sophisticated and quietly powerful debut album from Inc., the project of Californian brothers, Andrew and Daniel Aged

It Hugs Back (2008)

Work Day
Unimpressive Supergrass-influenced vinyl only debut single for 4AD from Kent group It Hugs Back, ecclipsed by its much more impressive and adventurous B side

Johann Johannson (2008)

Majestic instrumental album from Icelandic composer Johann Johannson, which despite its weighty subject matter of Henry Ford's ill-fated attempt to colonise part of the Amazon basin to cultivate rubber, proves both haunting and compelling

Jóhann Jóhannsson (2008)

Unique merging of electronica with acoustic instrumentation on latest work from prolific Icelandic neo-classical musician Jóhann , originally intended as the musical accompaniment to a 2002 theatre piece and now reshaped as a standalone album

Kristin Hersh (2007)

Learn to Sing Like a Star
Abrasive-sounding new solo album from former Throwing Muses front woman, Kristen Hersh

Lush (2001)

Ciao! - The Best of Lush
The band that Britpop forgot. It’s taken nearly five years for 4AD to drive the accustomed ‘best of’ tombstone into the grave of Lush. Conceived amidst the late eighties confusion (somewhere between J

M Ward (2009)

Hold Time
Confident-sounding latest album from Americana-based singer-songwriter and cult artist M Ward, whose attempt on this record to break into classic pop territory is both highly impressive

Minotaur Shock (2008)

Amateur Dramatics
Complex but classy folktronica on fourth album from Minotaur Shock, the project of Bristol-based musician David Edwards, who for its digital version has prepared his own pricing scheme of how much he thinks each track is worth

Mojave 3 (2001)

Excuses For Travellers
I tend to listen to music to escape thoughts of work, money, relationships, the past, the future, life... and fortunately there are a number of bands that create music that allows me to do just that.

Mountain Goats (2009)

The Life of the World to Come
Atmospheric, lo-fi latest offering from the Mountain Goats, which subtly merges biblical imagery with front man and songwriter's John Darnielle's personal obsessions

Mountain Goats (2008)

Heretic Pride
Refreshingly honest and sublime latest album from the Mountain Goats, the project of American cult musician John Darnielle

National (2010)

Bloodbuzz Ohio
Appetising first vinyl and download only single from ever impressive the National's fifth album, 'High Violet'

National (2010)

High Violet
Essential fifth album from much acclaimed New York-based group the National, which despite its bleak subject matter reveals itself to be surprisingly uplifting

National (2010)

Terrible Love
Discordantly beautiful, but unnecessary alternative version of previous National single, one of the tracks from their outstanding 'High Violet' album

National (2023)

First Two Pages of Frankenstein
Immaculate and beautiful-sounding ninth album from the much axcclaimed The National

Neil Halstead (2002)

Sleeping On Roads
"Mellow" debut solo album with a surprising electronic element from Slowdive and Mojave 3 frontman, Neil Halstead

Pixies (2001)

The Complete B Sides
Despite the lure and intrigue of collections such as this to throw light on previously obscured quirks of character, hidden insights and missing connections enlightening the listener to The Genius Pro

Rachel Goswell (2005)

Coastline / Plucked
Limiited edition vinyl remixes of tracks from Slowdive and Mojave 3 guitarist Rachel Goswell's debut solo album, 'Waves are Universal'

Scott Walker (2007)

And Who Shall Go the Ball ? And Who Shall Go the Ball ?
Demanding, but rewarding new largely instrumental mini album and quick follow up to last year's 'The Drift' from Scott Walker

Serena Maneesh (2010)

#2: Abyss In B Minor
Superb shoegaze on atmospheric second album from Serena Maneesh, the project of Norwegian musician Emil Nikolaisen

St Vincent (2009)

Fearlessly adventurous, but yet conventionally enjoyable second album from St Vincent, the moniker for American singer-songwriter Annie Clark

Stereolab (2008)

Chemical Chords
Frustratingly over-sweet and sugary electro-pop on latest album from French/English band, Stereolab

Tanya Donelly (2004)

Whisky Tango Ghosts
Affirmative third solo album from former Breeders and Throwing Muses star, Tanya Donelly

Tanya Donelly (2002)

Sleepwalk Ep
"Dull" new EP from former Throwing Muses and Belly star

Tindersticks (2010)

Falling Down a Mountain
Excellent eighth album of often surprisingly upbeat rock from notoriously melancholic Nottingham-based group, Tindersticks

Tv On The Radio (2009)

Dancing Choose
Trip-hop influenced second single from TV on the Radio's deservedly-acclaimed fourth album, 'Dear Science'

Twin Shadow (2010)

Lyrically tormented, but musically dance-friendly electronica on first-rate debut album from Twin Shadow, the project of Dominican Republican-born musician George Lewis Jr

Wolf and Cub (2007)

Impressively sweltering blues rock on debut album from Adelaide-based new 4AD signing Wolf and Cub

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