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Daughter - If You Leave

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 29 / 6 / 2013

Daughter - If You Leave
Label: 4AD
Format: CD


Stunning debut album from London-based three-piece Daughter, whose sound is both minimal and expansive at the same time

Daughter is a hotly-tipped London based three-piece and consists of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella. The songs are written by Elena, and ‘If You Leave’, their debut album which has come out on 4AD, follows on from two indie EPs, ‘His Young Heart’ and ‘The Wild Youth’. Both of these EPs feature four songs each, but only one song is revisited for this debut album. Daughter now have a proper budget behind them, and in doing this have a much bigger sound. For ‘If You Leave’ they have developed a Florence and the Machine groove which is a shame, as their earlier works hinted at a more stripped-down Beth Orton/Mazzy Star angle. ‘Winter’, which kicks the album open, however, has the sound of a band that knows its own destiny. They have a complex sound that is both minimal and expansive at the same time. ‘Smother’, the first single for 4AD, was limited to a mere six hundred copies on 7 inch only. It has more of Daughter’s original sound and minimal in tone has room to the let the music talk around every word of the lyrics, which are sung by Elena in a heavenly manner. ‘Youth’, the only revisit, begins in a stripped-down manner, but becomes more progressive as it develops. ‘Still’ is soft and calm, almost humble as a hymn, and again lush and beautifully arranged. ‘Lifeforms’ has a softly-plucked guitar, which assists a hushed vocal while the backing fits gently into place. ‘Tomorrow’ rocks gently, is well-paced, soft but elegant and has a vocal that is as fragile as silk. ‘Human’, the second 7 inch off this album, has more of an upbeat vibe to it. It is like they invited a party into the studio to have fun with the band, and it recalls Kate Bush in an upbeat mood. ‘Touch’ is again almost holy in sound, and pulls off once more being very minimal and lush in its arrangement. ‘Amsterdam’ recalls Beth Orton during her ‘Trailer Park’-era. ‘Shallows’ ends the album, and, almost seven minutes long, builds slowly. The instrumentation behind Elena’s vocals shine brightly, building up into a wonderful wall of solid musicianship. A stunning debut album.

Track Listing:-
1 Winter
2 Smother
3 Youth
4 Still
5 Lifeforms
6 Tomorrow
7 Human
8 Touch
9 Amsterdam
10 Shallows

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