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Rocket Girl


A Place To Bury Strangers (2009)

Missing You
Blissful and feedback-driven latest single from New York shoegazing/psychedelic trio A Place to Bury Strangers, which has been released to coincide with their current UK tour

A Place To Bury Strangers (2008)

A Place to Bury Strangers
Atmospheric combination of psychedelia,shoegaze and space rock on debut album from loud New York-based trio A Place to Bury Strangers, which has been reissued frm last year with five extra tracks

A Place To Bury Strangers (2008)

I Know I'll See You
Excellent new single from loud New York-based psychedelic shoegazing group, A Place to Bury Strangers

Anthony Reynolds (2019)

A Painter's Life
Masterful new studio album from ex-Jack frontman, music biographer and cult solo artist Anthony Reynolds

Anthony Reynolds (2012)

A World of Colin Wilson
Difficult and over-demanding experimental record from former Jack front man and solo artist Anthony Reynolds, which sets spoken word monologues from author Colin Wilson to music

Azusa Plane (2012)

Where the Sands Turn to Gold
Compelling two CD and a DVD retrospective of the Azusa Plane, the nom de plume for Pennysylvanian home-recorder and drone/noise guitarist Jason DiEmilio who died in 2006

Brothers Movement (2009)

Brothers Movement
Strong debut album of Britpop-influenced rock from Irish band the Brothers Movement, who seem destined for higher things

Brothers Movement (2010)

Catchy, but shamelessly formulaic new single from Irish indie rock act, the Brothers Movement

Drugstore (2011)

Sweet Chili Girl/Clouds
Fine Americana-influenced single from forthcoming first album in eight years from the underrated Drugstore

Eat Lights Become Lights (2013)

Modular Living
Uninspiring electronica on second album from Eat Lights Become Lights, the project of London-based musician Neil Rudd

Eat Lights Become Lights (2014)

Into Forever
Repetitive but enthralling electronica on fourth album from London-based instrumental project, Eat Lights Become Lights

Fuxa (2012)

Electric Sound of Summer
Catchy, but unoriginal drone rock on latest album from Detroit-based experimental act, Füxa

Jon DeRosa (2013)

A Wolf In Preacher's Clothes
Evocative and immensely rewarding debut solo album from former Aarktica front man, Jon DeRosa

Jon DeRosa (2015)

Black Halo
Melancholic but beautiful 50's-influenced second solo album from baritone-voiced New Jersey-born singer-songwriter, Jon DeRosa

Kennedy Green (2010)

Kennedy Green
Eclectic debut album from fantastic teenage girl duo Kennedy Green, all proceeds from which will go to charity and who originally formed tto pay tribute to a ten year old classmate who died from cancer

Pieter Nooten (2012)

Surround Us
Evocative latest album from Dutch ambient artist Pieter Nooten which, despite being recorded using mainly just a computer and synthesiser, proves to be one of the the most beautifully produced, sensitive and tuneful albums of the year

Pieter Nooten (2013)

Optimistic and warm-sounding double album from Dutch composer Pieter Nooten, which incorporates together elements of prog, electronica and world music

Project Skyward (2009)

Moved by Opposing Forces
Indigestible shoegazing/electronica on second album from Project Skyward, the moniker for New York musician Ryan Field

Robin Guthrie (2010)

Sunflower Stories
Summery and lush-sounding latest EP from ex-Cocteau Twins member, Robin Guthrie

Robin Guthrie (2008)

3 : 19
Downbeat, but atmospheric and individual-in-tone-instrumental soundtrack for Spanish cult film '3 :19' from former Cocteau Twins guitarist, Robin Guthrie

Sam Kills Two (2009)

Sam Kills Two
Finely performed and produced debut album from Sam Kills Two, the new band of Dodgy's Nigel Turner, which, while never less than well executed, never matches its potential

Television Personalities (2010)

A Memory is Better Than Nothing
Staggeringly good latest album from the Television Personalities, which despite the band and front man Dan Treacy's long history of bad luck, proves surprisingly optimistic and also possibly the group's best album to date

Ulrich Schnauss (2010)

Missing Deadlines: Selected Remixes
Superb collection of remixes from shoegaze-influenced German musician and producer, Ulrich Schnauss, which includes tracks from Howling Bells, Asobi Seksu, Rachel Goswell, Mark Gardner and Mojave 3

Urusei Yatsura (2016)

You Are My Urusei Yatsura
Excellent vinyl-only radio sessions compilation album from 90's Glaswegian fuzz rock band, Uresei Yatsura

White Noise Sound (2015)

Like a Pyramid on Fire
Inventive first album in five years from psychedelic-influenced band, White Noise Sound



Vinita Joshi
Interview Vinita Joshi - Interview

Vinita Joshi, the owner of indie label Rocket Girl, talks about the 20th anniversary of its first release, and a new commemorative book, CD, seven inch and flexi disc which are all being released to celebrate this anniversary.


Rocket Girl
Interview with Vinita Joshi Miscellaneous - Interview with Vinita Joshi

Label boss Vinita Joshi talks to Mark Rowland about her early musical influences and career and the impact they have had on her London-based label Rocket Girl, which she first formed in 1997

Rocket Girl
Interview with Vinita Joshi Miscellaneous - Interview with Vinita Joshi

Mark Rowland talks to Vinita Joshi, the owner of Rocket Girl, which now has released over a hundred records, about her long-standing London-based label which she has run since 1997

Peter Daltrey Peter Daltrey - Peter Daltrey

Andrew Carver reflects on 'Heroine' and 'Tattoo', two solo albums from the last decade from Peter Daltrey, the frontman with 60s psychedelic act Kaleidoscope, which have just been reissued in one package on the Rocket Girl label

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