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Ulrich Schnauss - Missing Deadlines: Selected Remixes

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 26 / 3 / 2010

Ulrich Schnauss - Missing Deadlines: Selected Remixes
Label: Rocket Girl
Format: CD


Superb collection of remixes from shoegaze-influenced German musician and producer, Ulrich Schnauss, which includes tracks from Howling Bells, Asobi Seksu, Rachel Goswell, Mark Gardner and Mojave 3

‘Missing Deadlines’ is a collection of remixes, mostly now deleted, from shoegaze-influenced German musician and producer, Ulrich Schnauss. It starts with ‘Setting Sun’, a track from Australian band, Howling Bells, which was their debut single. Ulrich's remix has a nu-gaze feel to it, which makes the band sound like 4AD-era the Cocteau Twins. A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s ‘Ghost in the Graveyard’ is fast-paced and has a dance-based post-punk sound, Parts of it sounds like the extended part of the Cure's live version of ‘A Forest’, while other parts sound like Depeche Mode. Katharina Franck’s ‘Faithful Friend’ is haunting in sound and recalls the Cocteau Twins. It has been given a chilled out mix by Ulrich. Madrid’s ‘Out to Sea’ sounds like a remixed Chapterhouse and, with its softly strummed acoustic guitars, it has a graceful and ambient sound which also recalls Slowdive. Asobi Seksu’s ‘Strawberries’ is a song to float away on and Dragons’ ‘Remembrance’ similarly has vocals that gracefully float on top. Aus’s ‘Halo’ is an ambient soundscape with acoustic guitars that drips magic. Mahogany’s ‘Supervitesse’ is an oddity, and sits somewhere between being a lightweight dance and pop number without at the same time really being either. It is enjoyable and very different. Lunz’s ‘Lunz’ is a free-flowing and elegant instrumental. Rachel Goswell’s ‘Coastline’ was her debut solo release, and originally was released only on 12 inch clear vinyl in an edition of 1,000 copies. It is a charming, country number to which Ulrich has added some of Rachel’s former band Slowdive’s grooves and lush,textured layers. It is absolutely perfect. High Violets’ ‘Chinese Letter’ has soft female vocals that come over somewhere between Slowdive and the Cocteaus. ‘Mark Gardner’s ‘Story of the Eye’ was the B side of an early Sonic Cathedral label 7 inch. Mark was the front man guy in Oxford band and Creation Records act Ride and Ulrich gives ‘Story of the Eye’ extra layers and textures. I'm Noa Gun’s ‘Make Sense and Loose’ is a poppy remix. It all ends with ‘Bluebird of Happiness’ from Mojave 3, which features several of the original members of Slowdive. Ulrich’s remix, as with all the other tracks on this album, adds just enough magic to make every note sparkle with extra shine.

Track Listing:-
1 Howling Bells- Setting Sun
2 A Sunny Day In Glasgow- Ghost In The Graveyard
3 Katharina Franck- Faithful Friend
4 Madrid- Out To Sea
5 Asobi Seksu- Strawberries
6 Dragons- Remembrance
7 aus- Halo
8 Mahogany- Supervitesse
9 Lunz- Lunz
10 Rachel Goswell- Coastline
11 High Violets- Chinese Letter
12 Mark Gardener- Story Of The Eye
13 I'm Not A Gun -Make Sense And Loose
14 Mojave 3- Bluebird Of Happiness

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