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White Noise Sound - Like a Pyramid on Fire

  by Keith How

published: 14 / 3 / 2015

White Noise Sound - Like a Pyramid on Fire
Label: Rocket Girl
Format: CD


Inventive first album in five years from psychedelic-influenced band, White Noise Sound

White Noise Sound: Revivalists or re-inventors? The question was asked of the band’s 2010 groundbreaking debut album. This was mainly due to the fact that Pete Kember (ex-Spaceman 3) lent a helping hand. Certainly the band had been looking over their shoulders into the past, but they see their influences as a starting point not the destination. White Noise Sound entered my world with the huge wall of sound of opener ‘Heavy Echo’. I had no idea what to expect, although the term “Welsh Psychedelics” had been bandied around so I guess I should have been forewarned. They referenced the Jesus and the Mary Chain on Facebook recently, so it is no surprise that ‘Heavy Echo’ has the aforementioned “wall of sound” feel, but having said that the album as a whole does not have that vibe. ‘Bow’ is a lovely track that would easily slide on to the venerable Pink Floyd’s legendary ‘More’ soundtrack. It has a summery feel with piano and restrained vocals that give a sense of floating downstream. ‘Like a Pyramid of Fire’ has relaxed into a gentle mood. ‘All You Need’ pulsates with a real chill out vibe, and ‘Can’t You See It’ shows all the signs of Orb-like influences and is intoxicating and trippy with a huge bass sound and spoken word while cascading keyboards carry you away. The relentless Verve-sounding ‘Red Light’ would have had me hooked but I was already converted. A dark and driving track with sinister guitars, it has a real air of menace. The dynamics are really effective as the sound quietens before returning with a brooding climax. What makes a record special? A magician’s touch maybe? Cian Ciaran from the Super Furry Animals is waving his wand over W.N.S. But wait a minute - are those seagulls there? It’s the introduction to ‘Step Into the Light’, a blissful and mellow stew with an echoing electronic loop underpinning proceedings before a soaring and anthemic orchestral crescendo provides a hands- in-the-air, lighter-in-hand moment (although it seems to be mobile phones these days). It is a truly “blissful” composition. Random electronic blips and noises introduce ‘Do It Again’ with Lou Reed vocals, and is a dark drone piece that broods like storm clouds before concluding abruptly. The album closes with another sonic masterpiece with ‘Feel It’. Tangerine Dream synthesizers bubble and construct an industrial state before a dynamic change. The intensity increases and pounding bass drives the track on. The spacey vocals are back in the mix, enhancing the ethereal atmosphere. This is most excellent. An easy route would be to dub this as “just more Stoner Rock.” but please do not any let my references give the wrong impression. The wide palette of influences works exceptionally well. ‘Like a Pyramid of Fire’ is well thought out and intelligently compiled and produced. Listen on your headphones if you can. A record that in nine months’ time may well feature in many Records of the Year lists. One to investigate and a trip worth taking!

Track Listing:-
1 Heavy Echo
2 Bow
3 All You Need
4 Can't You See It
5 Red Light
6 Step into the Light
7 Do It Again
8 Feel It

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