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K Records


All Girl Summer Fun Band (2002)

All Girl Summer Fun Band
Charmingly "cute" debut album from new Portland, Orgeon based all-girl pop band

Beat Happening (2002)

Crashing Through : Box Set
Sprawling 7 CD box set and retrospective of influential Olympia based pop punk group, Beat Happening, which was fronted by K Records founder, Calvin Johnson

Bundles (2010)

Familiar-sounding, but enjoyable good-time debut album from the Bundles, the long-term side project of Jeffrey Lewis and the Moldy Peaches' Kimya Dawson

Jeremy Jay (2009)

Slow Dance
Consistently pleasurable new album from Californian electronica artist Jeremy Jay, who sounds like Jonathan Richman would have done if he had gone disco instead of country

Jeremy Jay (2010)

Ramshackle and erratic early 90's-influenced grunge on third album from Los Angeles-born experimental musician, Jeremy Jay

Various (2003)

Invisible Shield
Eclectic budget-priced indiepop/indierock compilation from Olympia, Washington's K Records, which shows off all the current acts on its roster


Interview with Calvin Johnson (2003)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Calvin Johnson

American indiepop label K Records is soon about to celebrate its 21st birthday. Founder and Beat Happening frontman, Calvin Johnson, answers some of Olga Sladeckova's questions about his busy label


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