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All Girl Summer Fun Band - All Girl Summer Fun Band

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 29 / 4 / 2002

All Girl Summer Fun Band - All Girl Summer Fun Band
Label: K Records
Format: CD


Charmingly "cute" debut album from new Portland, Orgeon based all-girl pop band

A large number of great all-girl pop bands have charmed us through the ages. The Ronettes, the Runaways, Tiger Trap, the Donnas… the list can be made as long as a Gary Moore guitar solo. But I don’t think I have to go on with this name dropping, because hopefully you will know what I mean. And here now, we have another new great all-girl pop band consisting of Kathy Foster, Kim Baxter, Arirak Douangpanya, and Jen Sbragia. Maybe some of you recognise that last name, as Jen is also one half of the fantastic duo the Softies, with Rose Melberg being the other half. All Girl Summer Fun Band have so far released a 7” single on their own Magic Marker label and a split 7” with Photo Jenny on Lil Red Wagon Recordings. But here we have their full length debut, and take my word for it: it’s good. Some people may call this “too twee” or “too cute”, but I can’t see why that should be a bad thing. Of course, they might be right when they accuse the band of this, but as long as they write good songs I’m on their side. On the thirteen songs presented here, we have lyrics about everything from cell phones and haircuts to boyfriends from Canada, and it’s very cute, indeed. Sometimes, the band seem to have an amateurish feeling, but when you listen closely you can hear clearly that there’s nothing wrong with their musical capability. All in all, this is a very even album, with most of the songs being equally good. But my favourite has to be 'Later Operator', where they sing about a boyfriend who never shaves or takes baths, and knows all the cops in town. Oh, it just melts my heart! I can’t think either of any group that has a more fitting name…

Track Listing:-
1 Brooklyn Phone Call
2 Canadian Boyfriend
3 Car Trouble
4 Later Operator
5 Cut Your Hair
6 Somehow Angels
7 Theme Song
8 It's There
9 Girl # 3
10 Stumble Over My
11 New in Town
12 Cutie Pie
13 Cell Phone

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