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Evidently Spencertown - Action Man

  by Spencer Robertshaw

published: 7 / 10 / 2021

Evidently Spencertown - Action Man


Spencer Robertshaw returns after a break with the latest poem in his poetry column 'Evidently Spencertown'.

A creak with a sneak He's coming for you Selvedge denim and Redwing shoe Not quiet 50 he's got to moisturise Eye gel from Harvey Nic What a surprise! Get that haircut from a mag Make me look 30. Do my earlobes sag Follower of hippest joints Not yet booked in for a hip joint Still going out to the places whispered about When he gets there he just wants a way out But Action Man has got to be on the scene If he misses out his gold turns green Wearing scent by Hermes Half a bottle a time makes the ladies sneeze Drives a vintage classic car Really it's just a fancy banger Tells the girls he's a worldwide trader by day Sits in his undies selling shit on eBay All day and all of the night invents new delivery systems of bullshite Action Man is going to live in Thailand Jet black hair and smile like Rylan Action Man forgets his botox never He don't want be all crinkly leather Got a gym membership and all the gear Been four times this last year Action Man could be in a movie About some guy who thinks he's a big cool smoothie But when filming ends it’s more like Mr Bean Straight to video not the silver screen So you might have the boots, the jeans and the smell But the rest will just make your life hell Don't try to keep up It will wear you down Calvin Klein undies and Fendi crown Action Man don't burn out for others They wouldn't do it for you Those cats even sell their mothers Sit back, relax and take time to see A life well lived is the place to be.

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