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Cud - Interview

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 16 / 4 / 2012

Cud - Interview


Dixie Ernill speaks to William Potter from late 80's and early 90's indie pop act Cud about their forthcoming four CD box set and reformation tour

Cud are a Leeds formed band, who released a quartet of fine albums in the late 80s and early 90s, 'When in Rome, Kill Me'(1989), 'Leggy Mambo'(1990), 'Asquarius'(1992) and 'Showbiz'(1994), but never received the commercial success their output warranted or their fervent live shows demanded. Despite originally calling it a day in 1995, the band have reformed to play live dates to promote re-releases in 2006, 2008 and again in 2010. June 2012 will see the band on the road again and bassist William Potter, who more than anyone in the band has kept the flame alive over the years via the internet, agreed to answer a few questions to whet the appetite in readiness for the forthcoming gigs. PB: It's good to see Cud are hitting the road again this summer. How did it all come about? WP: Our vocalist Carl Puttnam nd I were eager to return to live concerts last summer. Unfortunately Steve Goodwin, the drummer, decided he no longer wanted to join us and Felix Frey, our guitarist since 2006, agreed with him. We thought it all over... But then we asked Mike Dunphy, our original guitarist and keyboardist, if he'd consider a return to playing live with Cud. To our astonishment he agreed. A local Leeds drummer of some repute, Gogs Byrn, was enlisted and Cud was go again, this time with the original frontline from 1987-1994. A new old line-up made a comeback all the merrier. PB: Mike is back in the line-up after missing the previous reunion gigs in 2006, 2008 and 2010. How was he enticed back into the fold? WP: We simply asked him. Carl and I had remained in touch with him, mostly by email. I met him socially last year, but Carl and Mike hadn't sat round a table for much of a decade. All it needed was a night in a pub and any perceived problems were washed away. We should have done this years ago! PB: Why is Steve not playing? WP: Steve felt he'd put in his time. Though he'd enjoyed the past revivals, he no longer had the enthusiasm to tour with us again. He is still though involved in new music, and best wishes to him. Steve is difficult to replace but we feel secure with the backbeat provided by seasoned pro Gogs Byrn. My first introduction to him was just at the end of April. Gogs is a great guy to play along with – friendly, eager, a tight drummer and respectful of Steve's style. He's studied the Cud back catalogue in such detail; he can put the rest of us right on each song. PB: I presume rehearsals are imminent. I recall from the gigs I saw in 2006 and 2008 there was a heavy tilt towards playing early material. Is it likely to be more of the same this time round, or do you have some surprises and treats in store? WP: Rehearsals are well underway and going really well. The set is just about agreed on. There are some songs we would not be allowed to leave the stage without playing, of course, and these are guaranteed. With Mike back aboard, we've taken on several of his favourites not aired since the early 90s and one, at least, never played live. PB: Do you have anyone special lined up as supports? WP: All our supports are special. PB: Are there any new Cud releases planned? Even though you released a whole host of unreleased tracks on the various CD re-issues in 2008, there are still a few gems left in the locker - 'London Nearly Killed Me' and an acoustic version of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' spring to mind. It would be pretty special if some completely new product came out, but I guess that's logistically too difficult to schedule. WP: To coincide with the tour, there's a massive four CD box set of BBC sessions coming out via 3LoopMusic. Details are to follow, but you can expect all the classic Peel sessions, plus some rare local radio gems and a whole live concert from 1993, showing off Cud at their best. As for new stuff, there is one project in the pipeline, featuring Carl and friends (including all of Cud past and present). And beyond? We'll see how the tour goes. If there's a keenness, all-new Cud material is a possibility for the future. I'd like to see too. PB: I first saw Cud live in 1989 at The Riverside in Newcastle, when I was a student at the Poly and have probably seen about twenty other shows since. The audience have always seemed really into what you were doing, so did it surprise you that you never really burst fully into the mainstream in the way that bands like the Wonderstuff did? WP: It took a while. We felt the music press may be London-centric. We were a huge live hit in the north before the weeklies cottoned on. When we did break through, perhaps we were too awkward or obtuse to be easily commercial. Perhaps we were for the wrong time. But I think, had we had a number one single with Vic Reeves, we'd have been very surprised. PB: What music were you listening to and/or influenced by back in the late 80s/early 90s and what current bands do you like? WP: Back then Carl and I listened to De La Soul and Public Enemy. Sure, the Fall, Beefheart, Love, Silver Apples were an inspiration on us and many guitar bands then. Now our tastes are all over the place. I can't talk for the others, but current bands I listen too include Here We Go Magic, Fleet Foxes, Cashier No.9, Milagres – all the usual 6Music suspects. PB: Which Cud songs are you most proud of? I'm particularly fond of 'Hey!Wire' and 'Slack Time'. WP: It depends on my mood. I'm always touched by 'Tourniquet' and 'Love in a Hollow Tree' and well up with nostalgia for 'Slack Time' and 'Blondes'. PB: Finally, the Wedding Present are doing their annual festival in Holmfirth in August. Is there any chance of Cud being added to the bill? WP: Haven't you heard? We are on the bill. Thanks to the power of Twitter. I gained an unusual number of Twitter followers a few weeks back (I'm @willcud, by the way) including David Gedge. Intrigued I check it out and discovered David's followers were suggesting us for the festivals and he was keen. I sent him a DM and negotiations got underway. We are eally looking forward to these shows. PB: Roll on June! Thank you.

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Cud - Interview

Cud - Interview

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