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Lovely Eggs - Lovely Eggs

  by Darren Aston

published: 26 / 11 / 2011

Lovely Eggs - Lovely Eggs


New Pennyblackmusic photographer Darren Aston photographs Lancaster indie rock duo ata a gig in Liverpool

The Lovely Eggs are a two-piece indie rock duo from Lancaster, which consists of married couple, lead vocalist and guitarist Holly Ross and drummer and backing vocalist David Ross. The duo have now released four singles and two EPs mainly on vinyl, and also two albums, 'If You Were Fruit' (2009) and this year's 'Cob Dominos'. They have become renowned for their love of prankster humour. Their debut 2007 EP, 'Fried Eggs', was made on homemade limited CDR. An early single, the 'Twin Peaks'-inspired 'Haunt Me Out', came complete with a free "Laura Palmer" necklace, and their latest single, 'F*ck It', released to promote 'Cob Dominos', came out on a bank holiday, which meant not only could DJs not play it but all the shops were shut so that no one could buy it. It B-side, 'Watermelons', has since, however, gained regular airplay on 6 Music. These photographs of the Lovely Eggs were taken by photographer Darren Aston, on his first shoot for Pennyblackmusic, on the 24th November at a show at the Lomax in Liverpool.

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Lovely Eggs - Lovely Eggs

Lovely Eggs - Lovely Eggs

Lovely Eggs - Lovely Eggs

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I Am Moron (2020)
The Lovely Eggs have created exciting music for unexpectedly quiet times and it’s a welcome blast of fresh air
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Food/In Watermelon Sugar (2012)
If You Were Fruit (2009)
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