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Lovely Eggs - Have You Heard the Lovely Eggs

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 26 / 11 / 2008

Lovely Eggs - Have You Heard the Lovely Eggs
Label: Cherryade Records
Format: 7"


Splendid lo-fi pop on debut vinyl only EP from Lancaster-based duo the Lovely Eggs, which will be enjoyed by fans of Bearsuit

When I heard the first seconds of 'Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion ?' from the Lovely Eggs, I instantly thought that this must be a girl/boy-duo (and this was before I heard the male voice). I don’t know why, really. But it could be the fact that since the first Moldy Peaches album came out at the beginning of the 21st century, we have been swamped with lo-fi girl/boy-duos, recording at home, and playing all the instruments themselves, even though they really can’t. And, surprise, surprise, on the Lovely Eggs’ MySpace site, they namecheck the Moldy Peaches in their “influences” section, but also other bands like Pavement, whose quirky indierock is too clearly audible on the five tracks here. The Lovely Eggs consists of David Blackwell (who mostly plays the drums and bangs on other stuff) and Holly Ross (who plays the guitar and sings among other things), the latter being a former member of the all-girl indiepop band Angelica (their songs 'Teenage Girl Crush' and 'Why Did You Let My Kitten Die?' are really worth checking out). 'Have You Ever Heard the Lovely Eggs ?' is the duo’s first 7” EP, and it’s a good mix of sweet, tweeish indie pop and messy, distorted indie rock, quite similar to the Bearsuit. So, if you like Norwich’s finest, you should probably check out the Lovely Eggs as well!

Track Listing:-
1 Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion?
2 I Collect Snails
3 I Want To Fall Off My Bike Today
4 I Want To Be In Your Fire
5 Oh Weird Heart

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