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Adrian Edmondson - Cargo, London, 30/3/2011

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 23 / 4 / 2011

Adrian Edmondson - Cargo, London, 30/3/2011


In an evening beset with problems, Anthony Strutt at Cargo in London watches New York post punks Crystal Stilts play an enjoyable, if otherwise somewhat unremarkable gig

New York band Crystal Stilts, who are now signed to Fortuna POP!, had problems from the start of the gig, and with two drunk French schoolgirls in particular who knocked a PA over, split drink on the band and unplugged the organ. Singer Brad Hargett looks like John Power of Cast and the La’s, and also has a hint of Jim Morrison to him as well. His delivery is mumbled like that of Stuart Staples of Tindersticks, while their music has both a moody 60’s garage sound and also recalled post-punk bands like Interpol. They sounded occasionally like the Doors, but but much more like Joy Division at others. It was an enjoyable gig, even though by the end Brad didn't really seem to be singing. The crowd loved it, but far better for me were the opening band, the Tamborines, who with the exception of one song played a full set of new material.

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Adrian Edmondson - Cargo, London, 30/3/2011

Adrian Edmondson - Cargo, London, 30/3/2011

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