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Morning After Girls - Alone

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 2 / 3 / 2011

Morning After Girls - Alone
Label: Xemu Records
Format: CD


Harmonic combination of innovative psychedelia and rock on second album from Melbourne-baed band, the Morning After Girls

Recorded in a church in the outback of Australia, the Morning After Girls now release their new album 'Alone', their first since 2005’s self titled record. Co-founding members Sacha Lucashenko and Martin B Sleeman, both on guitars and vocals, originally hailed from, Melbourne, Australia and have since relocated to New York. Despite their name, the Morning After Girls are a male band with a line-up rounded out by Americans E J Hagen, Anthony Johnson and Alexander White. The Morning After Girls’ blend of melody and harmony walks the line between innovative psychedelia and commercially viable rock. The band has toured their homeland, the U.S. and Europe with artists including the Church, the Black Keys, Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The new album 'Alone' is at once moody, bright and evocative. The opening instrumental 'A New Silence' kicks the album off with a psychedelic guitar drone that draws you right in. 'The Best Explanation' includes a soothing mix of acoustic and electric guitars and immediate vocals. The song possesses a lovely power and ethereal beauty as the guitars shimmer and ring with reverb. The title track 'Alone'is perhaps the album’s most likely hit with a strong melody and vocal. The lyrics are reflective, yet seem to possess an underlying optimism: “I feel alone, but I’ve never been closer/Forget about the days that never really mattered.” 'Death Processions' sonically brings to mind a modernized dirge, yet is somehow more upbeat as electric guitars wail and drums keep the rhythm. The thoughtful lyrics of 'Part of Your Nature' explore regret, loss and contemplation: “See if there’s a meaning to live your life around.” 'You Need to Die' is another melodic rocker as the listener is immersed in swirling sound. As the album progresses, 'Still Falling' is sonically charged, rhythmic and jangly. Clearly the Morning After Girls are a very capable band with appealing vocals and fine instrumentation. 'Who is They?' seems to conjure a Brian Jonestown Massacre influence. With stinging guitar, the song positively flows. 'Tomorrow’s Time', the album’s closer is a seven minute tune and among the most creative on the album. The song captures a bluesy 1960s psychedelic feel, calling to mind the classics of that time. The lyrics bring to mind some kind of connection to the divine: “Hey you in the starlight/I guess I saw them wrong/Hey you in the distance/I guess we’ll never know." The Morning After Girls on 'Alone' mix music encompassing both the past and present for a sound that is genuinely engaging.

Track Listing:-
1 A New Silence
2 The Best Explanation
3 The General Public
4 Alone
5 Death Processions
6 Part Of Your Nature
7 You Need To Die
8 To Be Your Loss
9 There's A Talking
10 Still Falling
11 Who Is They
12 Tommorow's Time

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