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Morning After Girls


Alone (2011)

Harmonic combination of innovative psychedelia and rock on second album from Melbourne-baed band, the Morning After Girls

Shadows Evolve (2006)

Long awaited debut UK album from Australian guitar rockers, the Morning After Girls

Run For Our Lives (2006)

Impressive latest EP from Australian quintet the Morning After Girls

Hi Skies (2006)

Debut British single from Melbourne band the Morning After Girls, which recalls bands such as the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and classic the Stooges



Morning After Girls
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Australian group the Morning After Girls are about to release their debut album 'Shadows Evolve'.Anthony Strutt talks to them about their decision to relocate from Melbourne to Sydney, and why they think they are more likely to meet with success abroad


Morning After Girls
Barfly, London, 25/5/2006 Miscellaneous - Barfly, London, 25/5/2006

Australian group the Morning After Girls recently played a Kerrang-sponsored gig at a London date on their recent tour. Anthony Dhanendran is surprised that, rather than being industrial and heavy-sounding, they sound like a rockier Britpop act

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