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Dead Meadow (2013)

Warble Womb
First-rate combination of psychedelia and blues on seventh album from Washington DC-based band, Dead Meadow

Dead Meadow (2018)

The Nothing They Need
Washington DC’s psych rockers Dead Meadow breeze through album number eight like nothing has changed at all

Dead Meadow (2006)

Dead Meadow
Unashamedly retro psychedelic rock on influential American rockers' Dead Meadow's 1998 debut album, which appears in a new remixed and remastered version

Matthew J Tow (2013)

The Way of Things
Fantastic debut solo album from Lovetones front man Matthew J. Tow, which combines together 1990’s-influenced indie rock and 1960’s psychedelia

Morning After Girls (2011)

Harmonic combination of innovative psychedelia and rock on second album from Melbourne-baed band, the Morning After Girls

Strangers Family Band (2013)

Strangers Family Band
Excellent 1960's-influenced psychedelia on debut album from Calfornia-based group, the Strangers Family Band

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