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Morning After Girls - Hi Skies

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 9 / 2 / 2006

Morning After Girls - Hi Skies
Label: Select Label
Format: CDS


Debut British single from Melbourne band the Morning After Girls, which recalls bands such as the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and classic the Stooges

The Morning After Girls come from Melbourne in Australia, and totally out shine most of the other bands currently being hailed as the next big thing. They are a five piece band and their debut British EP 'Hi-Skies', which has three tracks and a video, features guitars that instantly grab hold of you and chuck you across the room. The guitars on the title track are edgy and mean, whipping up into a wall of sound that catches the essence of the Jesus and Mary Chain, the early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (whom they are friends with and are currently on tour with in the USA) and, of course, not forgetting classic the Stooges. It's nice to have a true rock and roll band back with us, the sort of thing that Britain doesn't produce anymore. 'Always Mine' from the first note also has a pure wall of sound, and a sexy slur of a vocal from singer Sacha Lucashenko, that is understated rather than forced upon us. 'It Just Shines Even Brighter Tomorrow's Time' is completely different to the other tracks. It is somewhat spooky in an eerie way, recalling Opal and early Mazzy Star. It sounds acoustic based but is in fact played on electric instruments. They produce a sound to die for. Check them out !

Track Listing:-
1 Hi - Skies
2 Always Mine
3 omorrow's Time (Live)
4 Hi -Skies (video)

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