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Burial - Untrue

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 9 / 12 / 2007

Burial - Untrue
Label: Hyperdub Records
Format: CD


Classic dubstep on second album from Burial, which has been released simultaneously on both CD abd vinyl

Unlike Burial's debut album, 'Untrue' is released on CD and LP simultaneously. The 2LP set, however, seems like a bit of a rushed release. The sound quality is excellent but the LP sleeve mentions the track sequence off the CD, whilst, in the grand tradition of dance music on vinyl, the sequence for the 2LP set has been re-arranged with most interludes - off the CD - put in different spots. Either way, 'Untrue' quickly hit me both ways. The CD version proves to be one of those rare occasions where a DJ producer manages to draw and keep your attention as if it is a book he's reading to you. That book would be called 'The Urban Tales of Dub Step'. South Bank London mystique with after rave characteristics typify this album. The 2LP set of 'Untrue' however goes for the dancefloor without hesitation. Mind you, the tracks can be interchanged. From home listening experience to essential DJ tools, 'Untrue' serves two purposes. Delving deeply, the post 2step rhythm patterns hit like they were party anthems created by likes of the late, great King Tubby. The London Underground Sound System par excellence, Burial have melted the breeze, the flow and the beats on 'Untrue'. The momentum of 'Untrue' is best felt in either a basement club with the sound system blasting out at maximum volume, or over headphones. Once you've come to treasure this album, 'Untrue' will come back at you as a pleasant surprise on the very next occasion. Dubstep classic!

Track Listing:-
1 Untitled
2 Archangel
3 Near Dark
4 Ghost Hardware
5 Endorphin
6 Etched Headplate
7 In Mcdonalds
8 Untrue
9 Shell of Light
10 Dog Shelter
11 Homeless
12 UK
13 Raver

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