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Burial - River Dealer

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 17 / 12 / 2013

Burial - River Dealer
Label: Hyperdub Records
Format: CD


Desolate and downbeat but addictive new EP from London-based dubstep artist and producer, Burial

Burial has appeared to release his new and very Extended Play 12 inch on his Hyperdub label to a Christmas holiday schedule. 'Truant', his previous and magnificent EP (LP), was released almost exactly a year ago. And even more surprisingly, the assorted sounds of 'Hiderz' and 'Come Down To Us', have received a festive touch, yet far from ringing jolly jingle bells 'Rival Dealer' instead produces (the feeling of) dysphoria. Tainted and twisted samples are disorientating, proving addictive and unsettling at the same time. This weird plate of lame chops never lets you get in the mood, as, in spite of many beautiful bits, it's a very downbeat half an hour that finds Burial waltzing with spooks. Loaded with impact, it is, however, compelling music of an unprecendented kind. With a mysterious interaction of new age music vocals and gritty, urban beats and soundscapes - which in structure are similar to 'Truant' - 'Rival Dealer' comes in separated movements. This mini-symphony, however, is a gripping tale. The sketchy glitches of electronical music sounds like drizzle, whilst a layer of industrial grime suffocates any sense of fun. Desolate, not sinister, but highly imaginative, 'Rival Dealer' is a record that you'd hesitate (to admit) to love. Bonjour tristesse! 'Rival Dealer' is, however, better than drugs.

Track Listing:-
1 Rival Dealer
2 Hiders
3 Come Down To Us

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