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Burial - Truant

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 3 / 2 / 2013

Burial - Truant
Label: Hyperdub Records
Format: 12"


Accomplished yet accessible new EP from influential dubstepper, Burial

Dubstep has gone mainstream. Well it almost has, unless Cliff Richard and David Bowie have indeed been remixed in a dubstep style, which would have definitely taken the cool out of the genre. Burial, one of the original dubsteppers, treds into the spotlight again with trademark black and white drizzly atmospherics. Though very rich with ideas, the two tracks here build together a monumental minimal coupling, in an aftermath dubstep style. Both have orchestrated arrangements, and home-made digital effects as well, 'Truant' and 'Rough Sleeper' share a repeat exercise with variations just about every fifteen seconds. Progressing into modern composing, that works on the hips too, 'Truant' consists of several movements, based on one rhythm pattern. In spite of spooky effects and glitches, 'Truant' breathes a warm charm which subsequently opens up like a flower on 'Rough Sleeper' on the B-side. Only to then rewind with wonderful twists, rolling back and then catching the drift of the beat again, yet with sounds that appear as editing mistakes. With a Caribbean flavour in the second last movement, as it were, this experimental audio tombola goes full cycle. Accomplished yet accessible at the same - these two tracks, leaked on the web as just 'One' and 'Two' - this EP falls nothing short of being magnificent experimental twostep. 'Rough Sleeper' has a definite garage feel to it, whereas 'Truant' features many clicks_+_cuts moments, and altogether redefine electronic music. A milestone if I'm not mistaken.

Track Listing:-
1 Truant
2 Rough Sleeper

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