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Burial - Burial

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 11 / 11 / 2006

Burial - Burial
Label: Hyperdub Records
Format: CD


Gritty combination of obscure psychedelia and techno on debut CD, the first album on the Hyperdub Label from London-based band, Burial

Dubstep is the style, London the city and it's the first album on Hyperdub, which is not actually that new a label ; John Peel played Kode9's first single for Hyperdub and, given the - largely incorrect - reputation he had built up, he warned listeners in advance that he certainly wasn't playing that Hyperdub single at the wrong speed. Dubstep is rather slow, up to the point of where you would think your turntable might be packing in. These are indeed very disorientating sounds and rhythm. Stripped bare to the bone, and walking the path of evolution from dub via drum and bass to grime, spooky echoes and depthchamber resonances creep and crawl over Burial's extremely deep basses. Vinyl music pur sang as it remains, this, however, is a CD! As dark as you ever could expect from an artist going by the name of Burial, gritty dance grave raves is what you'll get. 'U Hurt Me' incorporates aspects of obscure psychedelia and touches on slippery techstep territory, which after all did precede dubstep. 'Burial' comes to a meditational halt on 'Pirates' where the hissing, steaming and booming of crispy yet gorgeously deep basses show you all the corners of echo chamber. This type of music still defies description as it is alarmingly familiar of the sounds from today.

Track Listing:-
1 Untitled
2 Distant Lights
3 Spaceape
4 Wounder
5 Night Bus
6 Southern Comfort
7 U Hurt Me
8 Gutted
9 Forgive
10 Broken Home
11 Prayer
12 Pirates
13 Untitled

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