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Editors - An End Has a Start

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 3 / 7 / 2007

Editors - An End Has a Start
Label: Kitchenware
Format: CD


Melancholic , mournful, but superb second album from bestselling Birmingham-based group the Editors

'An End Has a Start', the second album from the highly successful Birmingham-based group the Editors isn't for the light hearted. With many of his friends and relations in hospitals and some even dying, vocalist Tom Smith has had a hard time of late and this is reflected in the music offered here. 'Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors', the first single opens the album, and sounds like a superior version of Coldplay to my ears. The title track follows. It has an 80's U2 sound, and, delivered in big widescreen fashion with catchy riffs, is both an anthem and a potential future single. 'The Weight of the World' has a Coldplay swagger. Tom's vocals are drawn out and are as desperate-sounding as they are on much of the rest of the album,. It is hardly uplifting stuff and as moves on it becomes somewhat shoegazing in sound. 'Bones', which is not a cover of the Killers song, is much faster and sounds like Interpol. 'When Anger Shows' has a slow vocal. Tom's piano playing again has a dark sound and it is another song about death. 'The Racing Rats' has sharp vocals and is a bleak massive anthem, fast and furious again and another a possible single. 'Pull Your Heads Towards the Air' is much slower, and more balladic, finds the Editors with its lush shoegazing coating in Embrace territory. 'Escape the Nest' is an elegant, loud anthem and another stand out track. 'Spiders' is slow and a head bopper, its lush production reminiscent of Tindersticks. 'An End Has a Start' ends its journey with 'Well Worn Hand,' which, desperate in its sound, is a slow, moody piano-based piece. A great album but not an uplifting one.

Track Listing:-
1 Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
2 An End Has a Start
3 The Weight of the World
4 Bones
5 When Anger Shows
6 The Racing Rats
7 Push Your Head Towards the Air
8 Escape the Nest
9 Spiders
10 Well Worn Hand

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