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Editors (2005)

Catchy debut single from the much acclaimed Editors, which is like "Joy Division updated for the new century"

Editors (2005)

The Back Room
Instantly classic debut album from the Editors, which "is one of the best albums of the year so far" and "will also become one of the most played"

Editors (2005)

Impressive new single which appears in various formats, each with unreleased tracks, from the much acclaimed the Editors

Editors (2005)

Fifth single for the Editors from their bestselling 'The Back Room', which appears in three formats and includes various previously unreleased tracks

Editors (2007)

An End Has a Start
Melancholic , mournful, but superb second album from bestselling Birmingham-based group the Editors

Editors (2009)

First single from their third album for the Editors, which finds them moving successfully in a new keyboards-dominated direction

Motorettes (2005)

Super Heartbeats
Snappy debut single from potentially promising Northern-based guitar trio the Motorettes

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