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Editors - The Back Room

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 23 / 7 / 2005

Editors - The Back Room
Label: Kitchenware
Format: CD


Instantly classic debut album from the Editors, which "is one of the best albums of the year so far" and "will also become one of the most played"

‘The Back Room’ is one of the best albums of the year so far.It will also become one of the most played. The Editors introduced themselves for the first time in January. They have already toured Britain three times, and have also released three singles,. ‘The Back Room’ is available as a double CD as well as a single CD. The double CD features ‘Cuttings’, a CD of B sides. The album kicks off with ‘Lights.’ The first note kicks in quickly and really fast, and the whole of this first song sounds like the very early Bunnymen both lyrically and in song approach. This is followed by the second and third singles, ‘Munich ‘and ‘Blood’, both of which are reviewed elsewhere. ‘Fall’ is much more mellow and spaced out. It has dark lyrics that are crystal clear and do not allow the music to suffocate them. It ends in a dramatic fashion. ‘All Sparks’ has big drums and bass and spacey guitars. It sounds very much like Joy Division, as do singer Tom Smith’s words. It is very compelling stuff indeed. ‘Camera’ opens in a slow and haunting manner, but then it speeds up around the minute and a half mark. It has an early House of Love feel, but a stronger bass line and keyboards that sound something like progressive Icicle Works. It is one of the album’s stand out tracks,and possibly the strongest song on it. ‘Fingers in the Factories’ is fast and moody. It is again like Joy Division, but has a chorus that recalls the Talking Heads. The guitar is very anthem like, but that’s not a problem because by next year they will be playing huge venues. ‘Bullets’, the debut single, is next. It is very commanding, demanding of attention from the start and brooding and magnificent. ‘Someone Says’ meanwhile again is reminiscent of Joy Division. It is fast moving, and puts Interpol to shame. ‘The Back Room’ ends with two slower songs which both run into each other.‘Open Your Arms’ is brooding with doomish drums, big guitars and elegant vocals..The song is a celebration of life itself and is wonderful for it too. It ends with ‘Distance’ which is drum machine and keyboards based and assisted by moody vocals. It is a fine debut and one you will definitely own if you have any taste.

Track Listing:-
1 Lights
2 Munich
3 Blood
4 Fall
5 All Sparks
6 Camera
7 Fingers in the Factories
8 Bullets
9 Someone Says
10 Open Your Arms
11 Distance
12 Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home
13 You Are Fading
14 Crawl Down The Wall
15 Colours
16 Release
17 Forest Fire

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