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Editors - Bullets

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 6 / 10 / 2005

Editors - Bullets
Label: Kitchenware
Format: CDS


Impressive new single which appears in various formats, each with unreleased tracks, from the much acclaimed the Editors

'Bullets' was the Editors' first single back in January. It has now been re-released on two CD singles and also as a 7" vinyl single. The version of 'Bullets' that has been re-released, is the re-recorded version that appeared on their debut album, 'The Back Room', which has been a massive hit in the UK. 'Bullets' is a song that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let off. 'Come Share the View', which appears as on the first of the two CD singles, is very doomy, and is very like Joy Division and early New Order in its feel. It has its roots in underground anthemic rock and starts very slowly, but speeds up slowly. Towards its end its guitar and bass line make it sound like 80's style Killing Joke. 'I Buried the Devil', which is the first of the B sides on the second CDS, is, despite its title, not nearly as dark. It has surprisingly an almost jolly feel to it, and is a complete contrast to most of the Editors' other material which is very black. 'Blood (Alternative Version)', the second of the B sides, is as powerful as the original version, but singer, Tom Smith, sounds like he has a cold on it. 'Time to Slow Down', the B side of the 7". is acoustic, which is another pleasant surprise from this band. Tom's vocal is charming, while the backing instrumentation on it sounds like that of a very likeable R.E.M. It has an almost Christmas feel to it.

Track Listing:-
1 Bullets
2 Time To Slow Down

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