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Miscellaneous - Metro, London, 28/6/2006

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 20 / 7 / 2006

Miscellaneous - Metro, London, 28/6/2006


Anthony Strutt is reminded of the the swagger of Echo and the Bunnymen and the Hope of the States as he is blown away by a show by leeds five piece iLIKETRAiNS at a show at the Metro in London

I had not seen iLIKETRAiNS before, but one of my best friends loves them so I knew their name. He told me they are like a harder version of Mogwai. Since picking up their debut mini album 'Progress Reform' at this gig, it has been my most played CD of late, which, from a moody guy of 40+, is high praise indeed as I don't play CDs to death,even by my favourite artists these days. iLIKETRAiNS are a five piece from Leeds and blew me away. Dressed in what looked military clothes, but in fact what was old fashioned rail uniforms, they reminded me in looks of the Libertines. "Oh, dear, I am at the wrong gig here' I first thought, but they also had the swagger of Echo and the Bunnymen and the Hope of the States and they also reminded me of British Sea Power. It was quite a short set lasting just over 45 minutes, which is an ideal length for a new band. All of the songs were dark in theme and at times also had hints of the Chameleons, especially in singer Dave Martn's vocals. The encore was a jam with both the support bands, Lupen Crook and the Strange Death of Liberal England, joining in on the album's closer 'The Beeching Report' It seemed, however, like the other bands didn't know the words to the sing a long that they were invited to join in. Other than that though this was, however, a fantastic gig .

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Miscellaneous - Metro, London, 28/6/2006

Miscellaneous - Metro, London, 28/6/2006

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