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Septembre - Metro Club, London, 1/4/2004

  by Philip Vincent

published: 18 / 4 / 2004

Septembre - Metro Club, London, 1/4/2004


Epic guitar rock band Septembre is the new project of ex- Vex Red singer, Terry Abbot. At their first headline show, fan Philip Vincent watches them put on an unfortunately lacklustre show to an audience consisting largely of label and magazine people

So, hands up who remembers Vex Red? No one, good! Unfortunately many of the assembled crowd at tonight’s show do and have already made their minds up about Terry Abbot’s (ex Vex Red singer) new project Septembre. (Yes that is spelt right!) I have not, however, lucky readers... Tonight is the band's first headline show, which isn’t bad considering they have played under ten shows since exposing themselves to the world in early February of this year. Having seen them twice before, I was hoping that the headline position would allow them to continue to amaze me as their previous shows had. Maybe even allow them to play to their full potential and give the crowd the show that being the supporting artist never allowed them to do. I felt, however, that the material they played tonight was their weakest lacking the energy of the material I had heard on previous outings. That’s not to say this band don’t have songs. They do. 'I am Weightless' and 'Letters' combine angst and energy in a subtle blend of post grunge epic rock. Tonight I did feel though that the band was the most comfortable I had seen them live with the two lesser experienced members of the band moving as much and in the case of their drummer Sammy-Lee more than Terry. The problem is though for this band to rise above the weak comparisons to Silverchair and to break free of the “Kerrang-core” hatred of Terry they need to be at their best all the time. They have the image. They have the sound. The whole band is most definitely pretty enough. If your first headline show (which was full of label and magazine people, however. finds you not quite at the top of your game you will be crushed under the weight of every energetic alternative upstart wanting their piece of the rock and roll cake. Me personally I hope they make it. I like this band a lot and I recommend you go out and find yourself a copy of their first EP. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but then what the hell is these days! The photographs that accompany of Septembre that accompany this article were taken by Matthew Williams

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Septembre - Metro Club, London, 1/4/2004

Septembre - Metro Club, London, 1/4/2004

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Septembre is the new band of Terry Abbott, the former frontman with mainstream grunge act, Vex Red. He talks to Philip Vincent about starting over again and the band's new debut EP

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First-rate debut EP from British three piece grunge/metal act, Septembre, the new project of Vex Red frontman Terry Abbot

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