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Dears - Deaf Institute. Manchester, 10/10/2017

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 9 / 12 / 2017

Dears - Deaf Institute. Manchester, 10/10/2017


Dixie Ernill watches Montreal indie rockers The Dears make an excellent live return-to- form at the Deaf Institute in Manchester

The Dears frontman Murray Lightburn is the epitome of cool - sporting shades and dressed in black and the perfect contrast to Natalia Yanchak, who also cuts a dash stood over her keyboard with her shock of jagged blonde hair. Tonight they share vocal duties on the opening track 'Taking It to the Grave', the first of a few that sparkle from ace current album 'Times Infinity Volume Two'. Indeed they can even afford to leave 'Guns or Knives', the best song from the album under wraps and still provide a show that is full of emotion, swagger and vocals that leave the hairs rigid on the back of your neck. Previous album, 'Times Infinity Volume One', lacked something on release a couple of years back, but the songs played from it tonight are given renewed punch and feeling, with 'Face of Horrors' being an unexpected highlight. It is, howeVEr, the older tracks that really raise the roof and climatic proportions are reached during the brilliant couplet of 'Love Then Hate' and 'Lost in the Plot' that close the set to great effect. Before then we are treated to a jangly '5 Chords', equally impressive 'Disclaimer' and a swirling 'Whites Only Party' in amongst a good smattering of tracks from the last two albums that all easily transcend their recorded selves in this most perfect of live settings. The encore begins with just Lightburn strumming through a tender 'There Goes My Outfit', while the audience stand transfixed in awe, before the band join him for 'The Second Part' and bring proceedings to close. When I first came across The Dears back in 2003 as their 'No Cities Left LP' was released in the UK, frontman, Murray Lightburn, was described in certain quarters as the “Black Morrissey.” I’m sure Morrissey, with his substandard comeback songs, would sell his own mother right now to be referred to as the “White Lightburn”! The Dears truly are a band to saviour and right now they are on top of their game.

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Dears - Deaf Institute. Manchester, 10/10/2017

Dears - Deaf Institute. Manchester, 10/10/2017

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