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Dears - Times Infinity Volume Two

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 31 / 10 / 2017

Dears - Times Infinity Volume Two
Label: Dangerbird Records
Format: CD


Fine return to form on eighth studio album from Canadian indie rockers the Dears

Despite having been around for over twenty years, the Dears are still a band that continue to frustrate and delight in almost equal measures, with as many songs hitting the spot as those that fall wide of the mark. Thankfully, 'Times Infinity Volume Two', in stark contrast to the previous below par 'Volume One', is very much in the delight camp, with a sound akin to the rich melody of 2006’s 'Gang of Losers'. Opening track 'Taking It to the Grave' combines the vocal talents of frontman Murray Lightburn and keyboard player Natalia Yanchak to fine effect, while 'All the Hail Marys' is a brooding grower. 'Nothing In It for Me Nothing In It for You' and '1998' are enhanced by some wonderful strings that recall Blur in their most tender moments. The highlight, however, is the stunning 'Guns or Knives' that is as strong as any of the band’s previous output. The first single lifted off the album, 'Of Fisticuffs', is a great alternative pop song and is yet another reason why anyone who may have lost faith in the band on the strength of the previous album should get back on board. The band hit the UK shortly for a run of dates, so time to book some tickets!

Track Listing:-
1 Taking It to the Grave
2 All the Hail Marys
3 Of Fisticuffs
4 Nothing in It for Me Nothing in It for You
5 1998
6 Until Deathrow
7 Guns or Knives
8 I'm Sorry That I Wished You Dead
9 I Love You Times Infinity
10 End of Tour

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