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Tunng - Turbines

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 29 / 6 / 2013

Tunng - Turbines
Label: Full Time Hobby
Format: CD


Dreamy-sounding but sluggish third album from London-based experimental group, Tunng

"Sing Before Your Lifetime's Over" shows Tunng's catholic inner self, and the introductory track 'Once', from which this lyric comes, sets the tone for Tunng's usual folk pop gentleness with a smart touch. On 'By This' the first sign of tension crawls above the surface as until now dreamy dullness has rather kept you at bay. 'The Village', typically the name of a challenging TV-series as well, is to the contrary, the lullaby as innocent as you'd get. The latter bits of this at long last offer the gentle teasing of the ear that we've come to know Tunng for. On 'Follow, Follow' the level of Al Stewart community singing verges on becoming intolerable. Folktronica, let alone anything remotely musically challenging, remains a very far-fetched notion on this, if not entirely out-of-reach. 'Turbines' is another folky indie sleeping pill. Thirty-five Years back, 'Turbines' would have been one of those albums to stir up the punk rebellion.

Track Listing:-
1 Once
2 Trip Trap
3 By This
4 The Village
5 Bloodlines
6 Follow Follow
7 So Far From Here
8 Embers
9 Heavy Rock Warning

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