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Full Time Hobby


Accidental (2008)

There Were Wolves
Dull, directionless debut album from folk act the Accidental, the side project of members of the Memry Band, Tunng and the Bicycle Thieves

Autolux (2005)

Future Perfect
Sparkingly taut debut album from Los Angeles band Autolux who "sound like the Pixies might sound if they were making new music today"

Checks (2007)

Hunting Whales
Astonishingly mature collection of blues/garage rock on debut album from the Checks, a ahandful of youthful rockers from New Zealand who have recently moved to Britain

Cheek Mountain Thief (2012)

Cheek Mountain Thief
Understated and lo-fi, but multi-layered and original debut album from Cheek Mountain Thief, the project of Tunng’s Mike Lindsay, which was born out and inspired by his love with Iceland

Hooded Fang (2012)

Tosta Mista
Unpretentious combination of doo wop, 60's pop music, surf rock and garage punk on second album from acclaimed Toronto-based band, Hooded Fang

Jacco Gardner (2015)

ethereal and trippy 60's-influenced second album from Dutch multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic explorer, Jacco Gardner

Leisure Society (2011)

Into the Murky Water
Soaring, yet over conventional folk pop on second album from the much acclaimed the Leisure Society

Leisure Society (2013)

Alone Abroad the Ark
Excellent third album for much acclaimed but still under-the-radar folk pop outfit, the Leisure Society

Magnetic North (2012)

Orkney Symphony of the Magnetic North
Fabulous mix of the traditional and contemporary on debut album from electro folk super group, which includes Erland and the Carnival front man Erland Cooper, acclaimed singer-songwriter Hannah Peel and ex-Blur and Verve man Simon Tong, and that its takes its inspiration from Orcadian history

Malcolm Middleton (2008)

Sleight of Heart
Fine largely acoustic fourth solo album from former Arab Strap guitarist and Scots melancholist, Malcolm Middleton

Micah P Hinson (2008)

Micah P Hinson and the Red Empire Orchestra
Stunningly effective and appropriately orchestral-in-tone new album from former drug addict and ex-con Micah P. Hinson whois now embracing happier times

Micah P Hinson (2010)

Micah P Hinson and the Pioneer Saboteurs
Unfocused, but ultimately surprisingly uplifting miserabilism on fourth album from Texas-based singer-songwriter, Micah P Hinson

Pinkunoizu (2012)

Free Time!
Enjoyably unpredictable and diverse debut album from Danish-based avant garde act, Pinkunoizu

School of Seven Bells (2012)

Inconsistent, but sometimes sublime dream pop on third album from New York-based pop act, School of Seven Bells

Tunng (2006)

It's Because... We've Got Hair
Fragile and lilting second single from much acclaimed English folk group Tunng's second album,'Comments of the Inner Chorus'

Tunng (2007)

Good Arrows
Over precise and somewhat dull third album from acclaimed electro folk rockers, Tunng

Tunng (2013)

Dreamy-sounding but sluggish third album from London-based experimental group, Tunng

Various (2005)

Dream Brother : The Songs Of Tim And Jeff Buckley
Mixed collection of Tim and Jeff Buckley covers from acts including the Magic Numbers, Engineers, Sufjan Stevens and the Earlies

Viva Voce (2005)

The Heat Can Melt Your Brain
Hit and miss off-kilter pop on second album from Portland, Oregon based duo, Viva Voce

Viva Voce (2006)

Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
Experimental psyschedelic space rock on second album from husband and wife duo Viva Voce

Viva Voce (2007)

Viva Voce Loves You
Over sweet and sugary compilation from American husband and wife duo Viva Voce, which compiles together material from all three of their albums

White Denim (2008)

All You Really Have To Do
Blues and 60's influenced latest single from their 'Workout Holiday' album fo Texan garage rockers, White Denim



Leisure Society
Interview Leisure Society - Interview

Lush-sounding pop outfit the Leisure Society have been gaining increasing exposure since releasing their debut album, 'The Sleeper', earlier this year and have just signed to Full Time Hobby records. Ben Howrth talks to front man Nick Hemming about his band

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