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Pinkunoizu - Free Time!

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 21 / 4 / 2012

Pinkunoizu - Free Time!
Label: Full Time Hobby
Format: CD


Enjoyably unpredictable and diverse debut album from Danish-based avant garde act, Pinkunoizu

‘Free Time’ is the debut album release and follow up to the brilliant ‘Peep’ EP by the Danish-based Pinkunoizu. Hugely eclectic and fantastically all over the place I think you’d struggle to not to find something you like packed into ‘Free Time’. They are experimental without being self-indulgent, and this is a great album which at eight tracks is not a strain to get through. Formed from half of the previously acclaimed post-rock group Le Fiasko, the members of Pinkunoizu set about making something more avant garde and improvisational, and it is pretty obvious that they have managed to do this very well. Moviing from track to track, you would be very hard pushed to gather what the next tune will sound like. It starts off with the dreamy, harmony-drenched ’Time is Like a Melody’. ’Myriad Pyramid’ is a sleazy slab of modern, 60’s style psychedelic noise that’s slightly reminiscent of Brian Jonestown Massacre, but somehow manages to get several BJM albums worth of material into one song. The album isn’t, however, disjointed. While enjoyably unpredictable, it all somehow fits together just perfectly. ’Cyborg Manifesto’ follows up the first few songs with an appropriately futuristic sounding. ’The Abyss’ is completely mesmerising and could quite easily stop you in your tracks for a good chunk of time and make you fall asleep in a most beautiful way. It ends on the fabulous ’Somber Ground’ with its male/female vocals playing off each other. It just just seems to keep going and going and going in a magnificent kaleidoscopic throng of noise that seems to pour out of every instrument available. 'Free Time' is a very pleasant surprise.

Track Listing:-
1 Time Is Like A Melody
2 Myriad Pyramid
3 Cyborg Manifesto
4 Everything Is Broken Or Stolen
5 Parabolic Delusions
6 The Abyss
7 Death Is Not A Lover
8 Somber Ground

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