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Turbines (2013)

Dreamy-sounding but sluggish third album from London-based experimental group, Tunng

Good Arrows (2007)

Over precise and somewhat dull third album from acclaimed electro folk rockers, Tunng

It's Because... We've Got Hair (2006)

Fragile and lilting second single from much acclaimed English folk group Tunng's second album,'Comments of the Inner Chorus'

Jenny Again (2006)

Fantastic latest single from their 'Comments of the Inner Chorus' album from electro-folk act, Tunng

Comments Of The Inner Chorus (2006)

Lo-fi and harmonic impressive combination of electronica and folk music on second album from much acclaimed duo, Tunng



Interview Tungg - Interview

Tunng's song-driven folk electronica albums has won them ectastic acclaim, especially for their second album 'Comments of the Inner Chrous'. Anthony Dhanendran catches up with singer/lyricist Sam Genders and producer Mike Lindsey in London on their first ever tour.

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