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Vacuum Spasm Babies - Science Division

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 15 / 8 / 2010

Vacuum Spasm Babies - Science Division
Label: Shark Batter Records
Format: CDS


Strong new free download EP from Edinburgh duo the Vacuum Spasm Babies whose music has lost some of its anarchic edges and become increasingly trance and Krautrock-influenced

Less ramshackle, yet far from sophisticated, the Vacuum Spasm Babies show sharp progress on this new free download. At first they sound like a reincarnation of a mid 1980s new wave punk act . The title track has an overwhelming rumbling sound but the next track 'VSB' adds trance patterns and lets evolve some wonderful melody lines. 'Chemical Burns' is a very fine track which shows a completely different side to 'VSB'. The closing track 'MHZ' is a Scottish take at Krautrock, a big driving beat with repetitive organ and guitar riffs. Timeless music.

Track Listing:-
1 Science Division
2 KHz
3 Chemical Burns
4 MHz

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