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Shark Batter Records


Koni Michi and the Stone Ghost Collective (2008)

The Grey Eulogy EP
Unsatisfying new EP from usually excellent New York based experimentalist Kono Michi who has paired up with Scottish duo the Stone Ghost Collective to middle-of-the-road effect

Kono Michi (2008)

The Livingroom Disappearance E.P.
Fine new EP from Koni Michi, the moniker of classically trained violinist Michi Wiancko, who merges toy instruments and computer generated structures and rhythms, with her fantastic violin playing

Kono Michi (2011)

One More Day EP
Aggressive new EP from Kono Michi, the project of talented New York-based violinist and experimentalist Michi Wiancko

Kono Michi (2012)

My Monster
Ultimately disappointing free download EP from usually excellent New York-based violinist and experimentalist, Kono Michi

Stark Palace (2008)

Lost Women EP
Rudimentary and faintly-disturbing sounding, but enjoyable debut EP from Scottish duo the Stark Palace, the new project of Roger Simian, a former member of Dawn of the Replicants

Stone Ghost Collective (2011)

Unrequited Lovesongs
Superbly eccentric and unpredictable, yet also inconsistent collection of anti-love songs from Scottish duo, the Stone Ghost Collective

Vacuum Spasm Babies (2008)

The Thin Man EP
Excellent debut EP from Edinburgh-based duo Vacuum Spasm Babies, who despite their claimed haphazard attitude for making music, make extraordinary and stylish indie rock

Vacuum Spasm Babies (2009)

Whipping Clowns
Eccentric, but superb post-punk from vulnerably wise Edinburgh-based duo, the Vacuum Spasm Babies

Vacuum Spasm Babies (2010)

Science Division
Strong new free download EP from Edinburgh duo the Vacuum Spasm Babies whose music has lost some of its anarchic edges and become increasingly trance and Krautrock-influenced

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