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Vacuum Spasm Babies - The Thin Man EP

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 8 / 6 / 2008

Vacuum Spasm Babies - The Thin Man EP
Label: Shark Batter Records
Format: CDS


Excellent debut EP from Edinburgh-based duo Vacuum Spasm Babies, who despite their claimed haphazard attitude for making music, make extraordinary and stylish indie rock

The presskit doesn't do justice to the cause of the Vacuum Spasm Babies. Instead of their claimed crummy attitude, Vacuum Spasm Babies play rather extraordinary indie rock. The first three tracks vary from sensitive new wave-ish and melodic to thunderously bashful sonic rock, with just the last track set up to end in a bit of non-descript noise with screaming. Yet, that's what you could expect with a track title like 'Whipping Clowns'. Oddly enough, 'Whipping Clowns' will be their debut album title track as well. 'A Punch In The Face' is the stylish - and considerately sung - lead tune and not violent at all. 'Song For Katie' is abundant with tension, drama and subdued poetry. This probably is my favourite type of Vacuum Spasm Baby music. Singer Malcolm Spasm hardly manages to get on top of the rhythm section and the song becomes like a stream-of-consciousness. A vital debut EP from an Edinburgh band to watch out for.

Track Listing:-
1 Punch In The Face
2 Song For Katie
3 mhz
4 Whipping Clowns

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