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Maps - To the Sky

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 24 / 11 / 2007

Maps - To the Sky
Label: Mute Records
Format: CDS


Re-recorded version of Maps's first 10 inch single, taken from their Mercury Prize-nominated first album, 'We Can Create'

To the Sky' is taken from Maps' first album, 'We Can Create', and is a re-recorded version of the group's first 10 inch single. It is heavy on the drums and in its keyboard rhythms, while James Chapman's vocals sound like a combination of both Neil Halstead from Mojave 3 and Bobby Wratten from Trembling Blue Stars. It fairly twee in sound, having some delicate guitar that floats over the top. 'In Chemistry (edit)' lasts just over seven minutes and include a sample of Bright Eyes' 'The Movement of a Hand'. It is more instrumental-based and very loud, much like the band are live. James' vocals are quite muffled, but become more audible as the track progresses. 'In Chemistry' becomes even noiser as it moves on and it develops a My Bloody Valentine-style shoegazing sound. 'Don't Fear (Fantastic Mr Fox remix) is a remix of an earlier single and is more ambient in sound than the original mix.

Track Listing:-
1 To The Sky
2 To The Sky (The Loving Hand Remix)

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