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Loft - Magpie Eyes 1982-1985

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 22 / 12 / 2005

Loft - Magpie Eyes 1982-1985
Label: Rev-ola
Format: CD


Finely- presented compilation which collects together the almost complete recorded works of early Creation band the Loft

‘Magpie Eyes’ is a compilation of almost the complete recorded works of Creation"s the Loft. It includes all of their debut album, ‘All Around the Fair’, which was originally released 4 years after they split up ; their two singles ‘Why Does the Rain ?’ and ‘Up the Hill and Down the Slope’ ; a Janice Long Session ; 4 live tracks and 2 demo tracks. There is also included a complete collector’s guide to the band, with every picture sleeve, every review, notes by all four members and concert tickets. The CD starts off with their debut 7 inch ‘Why Does the Rain ?’.which was later re-recorded by singer Peter Astor and drummer Dave Astor’s next band, the Weather Prophets, which was like its predecessor also released on Creation. The original is not as over produced as the second version. It is really raw with a garagey feel and as it progresses it just gets stronger and stronger. ‘Up the Hill and Down the Slope’, their second and last single follows, and is the start of Peter’s wordsmith career. This is again very catchy with the guitar solos, which have weird patterns, very much in the vein of the early Velvet Underground and Television with their raw sound, but in their own brilliant way. ‘Your Door Shines like Gold’ has the feel of the Velvet Underground’s ‘Foggy Notion’ and, a foot tapper from the start, is nothing short of brilliant, while ‘Winter’ comes from a very early Creation compilation album called ‘Wild Summer, Wow!’ and, the earliest studio track here, is very primitive and raw. ‘On a Tuesday’, ‘Skeleton Staircase’ and ‘Lonely Street’ follow, all from the Janice Long’s Radio 1 session. ’Like’, the next track, the B side of ‘Why Does the Rain ?’ is pure jangly guitar heaven but not in a 60’s way, which is what most of the other Creation bands of the time were doing . ‘Time’ is slow and moody, as is the title track of the album, a song by Richard Hell. ‘The Canal and the Big Red Town’ is louder with a progressive beat and this ends the studio album . The live recording which follows is for me personally a trip down Memory Lane as it was recorded in a typical Creation setting of the back of a Camden pub. These four tracks sound great, like a real band playing real music to real people with a beer in their hand. This was easily the best time of my life. Thanks for reminding me, guys.

Track Listing:-
1 Why Does The Rain
2 Up The Hill And Down The Slope
3 Your Door Shines Like Gold
4 Winter
5 On A Tuesday
6 Skeleton Staircase
7 Lonely Street
8 Like
9 The Canal And The Big Red Town
10 Time
11 Beware (Live)
12 Wide Open Arms (Live)
13 Worm In My Brain (Live)
14 Up The Hill And Down The Slope (Live)

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